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June 29, 2008

How to wear Khaleeji way shawl/shaylas

Khaleejia said:
the Way of wearing shawl in UAE and other Gulf countries is different then in classical, egyptian or turkish styles.
there are several features:
Feature No1:
Often it's not pinned that makes look more natural and a bit sloven cos every minute it falls down on shoulders but women who wears such unpinned shawl became very professional in setting aright it again on the head by a nice move that is slow and gracile. among these women this rather attrective action is like a kind of ritual with a hidden message (look i am so fashionable! or look, i am independent girl! each one put her own msg) that is being demonstrated in front of others at the moment she is in public . But in Islam its forbidden to show off your hair in front of men who are not your close relatives so better if we will not repeat that feature with ourselves.
Feature No2: "Bangs out"
As soon as islamic country care of its citizens' look, men should wear gutra (cotton white shawl and agal(black ring over gutra)khaleeji woman dress, shawl, shayla that is official head cover and makes actually every man looks as a king but also they can cover their heads with read and White or black and white colored shawls (also i heard there is green, brown, yellow checked shawl but they are not traditional colors). Men can tight it different way on their heads but there is no any obligatory from Allah to cover men's hair as there is for women. The same time women wear shaylas that cover I would say a half of their head as soon as bang is demonstrated and of cause there are several kinds of typical Khaleeji bang.

Feature No3: "the queen's head"
So, the next one is the way shayla wearing itself. Some girls asked me to explain how do emerati girls make their shaylas so high from back that gives fashionable & glamorous look. Yes, it will need some picture.(I took a pic of one of my clips with a small one to let you compare its size). You should situate it at that level you want but not too low cos then it will not take that effect.
you can use that clip as for shayla as for niqab just be sure that its enough big that not give funny knob look from outside like if you would wear a small clip or other hair-decoration over your hair.
FeatureNo4: "show up its beauty"
The beautiful ornaments and patterns that decorate shaylas can be different styles (as simple flower patterns with some glitter as most famous brands logo with a fabulous shining). Every year appear a lot of new designs. While in 80th there were only pure black shaylas (without any decoration). Nowadays, shayla is not only the tool to cover your hair but also a way to express your personality through the beautiful and same time fashionable design of its patterns.


  1. love this post.... NO doubt.. khaleeji's wrap their sheilas best.. are the bangs real hair or clip on (fake) and gosh them sheilas are stunning

  2. lol anony, their bangs are real and btw thats not allowed ...muslimahs shud wear shayla's to "cover" their they expect to fulfill the requirement of hijab by showing bangs beats me! yep the shaylas we get here are awesome....nice post sis khaleejia!

  3. I still don't get the point of wearing shayla's and not covering your hair properly, the way ALLAH intended...

    Walahi it pisses me off, so sad to see sisters wearing beautiful abaya's and matching shayla's but the hair is showing, its probably a fashion trend as many people say, but its uncalled for and unislamic, subhanallah (LADIES COVER YOUR HAIR, OR DON'T WEAR IT AT ALL).

    Btw really lovely post hun, as usual you've done a great job:)

    Ignore me hun im just ranting...

  4. habayeb thanx for ur commentary:) may be anonymous just knows cases when some girls wear wigs instead of hijab... but what abt khaleeji girls they do wear shaylas with (natural)bang out.yeah bangs may be look so "fake"cos the hair for this region have heavy and thick type(see in the the post-khaleeji hair style) and also women pay so much attention to their bangs'look in a reason that they can not show off their haircuts in public so all the power has been spent for bang's look. BUT not ALL KHALIJI GIRLS WEAR SHAYLAS WITH OPEN BANG!!! A LOT OF WOMEN AND YOUNG GIRLS COVER THEIR HAIR ACCORDING TO RULES OF ISLAM!)see pics. and belive me,if girl covers all of her hair, her look will be more respectfull and still pretty in that society as well.always we should try to choose from the customs the best features and aoid follow bad one.

  5. im not too keen on the bangs idea .. but that clip.. is there any site where i can buy it?
    how do they manage to wrap it loosely and keep it in place.. sister if you have time can you give step by step guide on how to wrap the sheila
    actually i've only started wearing hijaab 2 weeks ago.. these nice styles are really motivating me

  6. i hope i can help you abt steps just give me idea how i can demonstrate it for u. unfortunatly i don't know any site but once i saw one site that sells some clips but actually on the pic was only small one. keep on serching.

  7. anony - leave for me ur e-mail maybe i could send u "step by step" photos

  8. how you did the make up post:D.. that was very clear and easy to understand.. maybe you can do similar

  9. ah, i will try just give me a little bit time:)
    and thanx for reading my posts;)
    i do appreciate this! and also i congratulate you with so important and right dessision to put on hijab alhamdulillh!i am sure u will look like a queen or even better!and i am very happy that can some help you,

  10. thank you for the help =)

  11. i need help with makeup brands... which one do you khaleeji girls use? M.A.C.. Nars.. YSL?
    what do you personally use
    just want some ideas from anyone realli

  12. mmmm every one use her own favorite.
    i just can only speak abt myself
    i do love make-up forever as foundation(u know they have line of professional facial toning and for greasy skin with very light basic that let ur skin look very natural and same time polished. and eye-shadows are very deep i mean if its black then ots really black. mascara i like only L'Oreal, lipstic depends on the color if i cant find my desired color in one brand i search in another one.
    abt eye-liner a bit difficultcos the new eye-liners are too mmuch sticky that protect them from being washing out. but i do need one that very easy to wash (u know-al-uudu before prayer 5 times per day)so i just found such light-quality eye-liners among cheap cosmetics even i dont know the name. Bytheway i use traditional Kohl for eyes(i use it when i want make my eyes look darker just drawing line inside eyes. kohl has no harming elements and is sunnah to use. so i just care abt my eyes' health. we actualy love white faces so if u have white skin dont try to make ur skin suntanned as soon as ur
    skin is not so white use light tonnal cream and lighter powder like khaleeji girls do:)any suitable for ur skin make-up brands. for muslimah girl she should choose smth that will not make a problem for her (like a barrier for water to come through it) as many times as she go to pray she should feel free to remove it and then restore it easy.some brands allow water come through their stuffs like eye-shadows ,powder,foundation.
    that is my concept to choose my make up brands.and also it should not include any animal fats.but if u dont know what is included there its ok cos this kind of product isn't considered as must be checked(for ex.:like meat)
    you re welcome and feel free for any question i would like to help you anyhow.

  13. Salam dear sister Khaleejia,

    Masha Allah your blog is so colorful in its content :)

    This post reminds me of my heydays. I use to live in the UAE & I used to dress like that! All my friends dressed like that! Not a very good thing astaghfirullah.

    Just for the bangs to be right had to take somewhere between half an hour to 2 hours sometimes! Crazy.

    But alhamdulillah now I have taken to wearing proper hijab. And I have been wearing a niqab for the past 2 years alhamdulillah. *Yay!*

    I came to realise the value of my beauty. Why should I waste it on people who don't know me, who don't deserve to see me.

    Thank you very much for the post dear sister. Though I have to say that for the most part, khaleeji ladies are some of the most stylish people I know.

    Sorry for the long comments ;)

    You take care always sister. Keep on blogging!

  14. anony- check out these links for hair clips :

  15. wa aleykum assalam s.a.e.niqabi! no need to apologize for ur comment i like when sisters express their feelings and opinions abt posts i do. i am really proud of those who take the right way in wearing hijab. i would like to not write abt open bangs but its part of khaliji type of wrapping i just had to mention this to be truthful.
    thank you for ur kind wishes and i wish my posting become better if u keep on comment them;)
    so feel free and welcome!

  16. about the clip
    please post the whole link sister.. i tried it but didnt work :(:(
    thanks for searching

  17. i just tryed 2go to that page by the links i gave you so its work i think u put not all url. first link started from http and finished right before next try one more time. if not work let me know i ll post this pics in my blog but u in case u need order them u ll need go same pages anyway:p
    u re welcome dear!

  18. i saw the clips.. yeahh i get the idea now!!
    u truly do have a great blog.. and i will be regularly visiting it.. so keep on posting intresting features inshallah!
    take care xx

  19. assalaamu 'alaykum ukhtee!
    Mashaa'Allaah, jazakallaahu khair for your wonderful blog! I've always admired the way emerati women did their scarf (except the bangs/hair revealing) so elegantly,and wanted to try it out for myself. Thanks to ur tips i'm now gonna attempt the style inshaa'Allaah.soo excited! i love your blog so much i've added it to my 'favorites'.
    anyway keep blogging inshaa'Allaah. and by the way sis, i do niqaab so i was wondering if u had any tips on how to do my scarf nicely with niqaab on?
    wassalaam sis :)

  20. waleikum a ssalam ya sawsan!
    mashkoorak jiddddn
    for your visit comment and wish. actually u inspired me to keep on blogging biznillah and be sure that next my tip i ll make abt khaleeji niqab انشاء الله

  21. السلام عليكم
    Very nice blog!
    I read the part about the Ghutrah, and how it makes men look like Kings! hahaha I love it!
    I love the Ghutrah and Thobe, and I wear it regularly. It is very beautiful clothing, and my favorite! I think all Muslim men should wear it!

  22. Salaam

    Many thanks for this blog. I have a quick question What type of claw clips can I use for the shayla and where can I purchase it?

    Shukran Habibty

  23. in this post i posted pic of such clip that u can use for your haliji look-just use the biggest one u can find in the market,also i posted some links in the previous response just scroll up the comments,and in case u can't find such big clip,well u can tight your hair as high as you can and roll around it any shiffon skarf, and also if u are crafty try to make such clip by your self,my mom told me that its easy so may be someone will need such encouraging..thanx for attention to my blog and comments;)good luck

  24. hala! shukran for your amazing blog posts!! i would love to see a post on the various niqab styles of the gulf. when i was in saudi last summer, i saw a growing trend of fashionable girls making "niqabs" out of the shaylas they were wearing and it stayed on perfectly.

    tislami wallah.
    sumayyah from usa

  25. Assalamu Alaikkum khaleejia...
    I am an Indian girl , and i Love the khaleeji style...i would like to get step by step procedure for how to wear sheyla loosely without pins , just the way the emarati girls wear.....
    they wear in different styles.....i would like you to email me such styles procedure...but i dont want to wear big clips as it is said in sahih-al-bukhari that such women who wear something on their heads that resemble camel humps are just let me know how to wear them in emarati loose style in a step by step procedure...i LOVE YOUR BLOG...keep going...


will appreciate your kind notes :)