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July 2, 2008

My tutorial. How to wrap shayla (khalleeji style).

Khaleejia said:
So this post is for those who still keep on searching tutorial how to wrap shayla according to modern khaleeji (emirati) style. please dont judge too severe my art ;) and feel free to ask for any additional information.

1.A natural look
(if u have different hair color that's great dont think that all khaleeji girls have pure black hair color just be natural or follow the color u feel comfortable!
p.s. Islam if woman is married she has to ask for permission of her husband to seek for his approval as her only one man before she decides to change color of her hair )
2.Claw your hair with the biggest claw (clip) you have (i put a pic of such claw in the previous post)
3. Take your shayla that should be like a shiffon scarf, enough long and with a pattern at least on the one side.ussually every shayla is sold together with each abaya but u can change it according to ur dress. the black color is common but its possible to put on any color u find suits to ur skin of ur dress as well. (also any patterns that covering ur shayla is ok just i give u one of the most common and really nice way of the khaleeji wrapping that matches with one side pattern shayla) . so this is an example: you've got a shayla. put it on your head with pattern side that is (twice or tripple) longer then another side. please do put a black cotton bandan first in case ur shayla is too much transparant to avoid your hair be visible.
p.s. i made this pic with so transparent effect just to let you see how your shayla will be situated on your head .
i advise you to pin it under ur chin very close to ur neck that will help your shaylah to protect your hair from getting out from the forehead side. its time to wrap it. take the long patterned side and pull it under your chin to cover its all area and then pull it up . Covered chin is the main feature of the khaleeji wrap style. (and its very right acc. to islamic rules of the woman's covering).
Start bending from the temple level.

6. so now we get the last step that is just how you will finish your look. The pattern side that appeared on the front side of the shayla should be fixed in a nice way that will show its all beauty and give you a glam look. i suggest you to use one more pin to fix it from fallind down and getting messed.
7. here is the last pic with the true colors. Hope you've got the point and wish you success in your try:)


  1. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! wow how u did that beats me! anyways can i use the last pic? plzzzzz! its just so pretty :D

  2. Salam sis!!thanx 4complement:) i just have tablet and like drawing in photoshop. ok use it no problem!!what you think is this tutorial enough clear cos i still have doubt.

  3. well acc to me its just fine n all ppl hafta do now is practice it and get back to u if they have any more doubts.
    Oh and just if u want, better put up a pic of those hijab pins so that they know which ones are usually better to use.

  4. wow... great tutorial!!!!!!!! its very clear .. superb.. i will try it :):)can anyone give me a site where i can get only khaleeji sheilas with glam design( seperate with no abay)

  5. As salaam alaykom---I can finally veiw your site. Masha'Allah a very good tutorial. I don't think the chin covering is necessary (I mean has an Islamic basis) but it looks tres chic on some women and leaves the shayla more away from the neck so it is less hot.

  6. asslamu aleykum !
    habayeb thank you for encouraging me cos i realy was a bit nervous abt this post!and i ll think abt ur suggestion to put some photos of sutable pins.but its not so important.but anyway...:) anony-i wish you really good luck with ur new look inshaAllah i will help u anytime u have problem or question. unfortunatly i do not buy anything via internet but in local shops there are a lot of shylas but also i dodnt like to buy them separate cos u knowdifferens is so big even material but i do smtimes. so just maybe u can find smth u want in shops for shawls scarfs and shaylas only.
    Alixianna! salam sis omg! u visit my blog i am sohappy now! i am glad that u are not very upset that i answer u a bit late jutt was problem with net connection.
    i wonder what is that problem that some sis cant see my page?! look i do love your blog so much and proud realy that u spent ur time to veiw my post and leave comment. hope will be frinds in this society that honestly i like more then than that real that i ve now. cos you all girls have some good targets and meaning of ur life not only blah-blah abt fashion and disscussing of nice to be among u all:)and hope that my expirience can be usefull for somebody as well:)

  7. salam...
    thanks for the pix. u should do a whole series on diff hijab styles. the pics work so well and are easy to understand.
    come visit my hijabi blog too..

  8. Allah yezed w yebarek thanks for this tutorial, I'm sure it will help a lot of people!

  9. Fantastic post, I've never seen shayla wrapping explained and drawn so well.

  10. Hooray!!! I'm excited about finding this tutorial. I've been trying to get this look by myself and it NEVER works!!! :p Would this work with a cotton scarf? Or does it need to be a chiffon scarf? (THose do seems to fall very nicely....)
    Also, about how it goes on your chin -- does that make it hard to open your mouth, e.g. chew?!?! :p Sometimes I end up wrapping my scarf too tight, but dont realize it until i try to start eating and i realize that when i open my mouth to take a bite, my scarf is too tight for that! :p Oh, silly... I am still new to wearing hijab though, so I will blame it on that. :)

  11. Hannah thank you for appreciation!
    well u have interesting questions.
    first abt cotton scarf - you can try may be you need it when its cold over there in your city. but try to do more loose folds so as not too tightly to the head
    and usually with shiffon or stretch textile there is no problem to eat. i understnd what u ask but i never have such problem. may be cos shayla should not be wrapped too tightly it should be still loosy u can fix with additional pins it to avoid slipping from the chin. you are welcome for any question!
    take care and goodluck

  12. Could you tell me why Islamically we should cover our chins? I have never heard that before. I tend to just wrap the scarf under my chin completely concealing my neck.

  13. i revewed comments and have to answer on this question-why in islam we should cover our chins?
    acc to my knowledges the edge of woman's face that can be revealed is from top of the forehead-where average women have their hair to start grow. side edges are just at the edge before hair line. and the bottom border just at the middle edge of our chins or more clear the area between front and bottom part that is under the chin as it is not belong to the face. We allowed to reveal only our face and hands and hide other parts. please contact your teachers,shyukh for more exact explanation,also there is some differences between islamic(Imam Hanbali,imam Malik,Abu Hanifa,w imam Shafii) schools. and wish us be strong fi 3bada Allah.


will appreciate your kind notes :)