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July 26, 2008

Dubai exclusive summer 2008 make-up

Khaleejia said:
Farisa Dubai and Bronzya presented new look in Dubai for the summer 2008, suitable for any cases. This make-up
emphasizes the beauty of the eyes while the lips' tone has been hidden with the skin color foundation and refreshed with light pink lip-gloss.

The Calm (AL-Hadi) Look

The Lebanese Look
The bold look
The Brave Bronze Look
The fire look

The loud colors Look

The bronze&pink lookThe deep marine look

for tutorials how to do this make up you can see this links
the deep marine look
, my khaleeji make up (pink)


  1. Wow
    All very pretty, some daring than others:P
    My favourite one is the bold look.
    Thank you for the post hun.

  2. thank u Mina for reading my post:P
    bytheway the bold look is really good and i am working on it right now,want to look special today:P

  3. wow i just finished bold look and i really enjoy the result!as for my husband ,he just loves it! so what can be better for a woman when her husband is happy even from his wife made-up look. see post

  4. is the inner eye liner achieved? I would love to do that but I have no clue.....Do share! :>

  5. Anony,thank u for ur visit and dropping a if i understand ur question right-this line i lead with a kohl pencil stick that leaves a thick trace and gets sticky with eye.also its not harmful for eyes.I could say that it works like if you use black eye-shadows but also u can use special eye-pencil. the cute line around the eyes and arrows are drawn with eye-liner by one confident move.first-top then bottom line. is that what you wanna know?

  6. I love the first and the last look!

  7. i LOVE the 1st look.....ahhhh insha'allah ONE day ill learn to do the 'khaleeji eyes' lol

  8. i love all of those looks...
    sooo pretty..
    i did something like that last night in green when i went to the movies... its so nice to have some of these to copy...
    thanks khaleejia


will appreciate your kind notes :)