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July 16, 2008

Pins for khaleeji hijab style

Khaleejia said: Addition to my previous post "My tutorial How to wrap shayla ( khaleeji style)"
if u need to pin your shayla i suggest you to use this jeweled pins that will give your shayla more glitter and glam. do not situate it right on the top of your head or to much low. you need only one and better place for it should be that one that will keep your shayla its loose look. thats how i usually pin it myself

there is huge veriety of this kind of pins just choose what color and shape you like more...

to fix your shayla under your chin you can use this kind of safe pins :
or this simple tailor pins that also suitable and easy to find:

all of this stuff you can order here and here there is also khaleeji style shaylas.


  1. ive got that exact same glittery pin as in the last pic (the flower one) but in blue and golden color.

  2. beautiful, i love how you design the pics on your tablet.
    khaleejia--- is there anyway i can contact you? can u send me your email address please?

  3. everyone! thank you for comments! oum,i am going to add some pic of the site you gave me and make a link to it as well,thank you for help;)


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