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July 28, 2008

uae khaleeji hair style for special events


  1. Wow, khaleejia, those hairstyles look amazing!

  2. Mashallah...

    I love the last 2, very elegant

  3. Wow!!! so beautiful. i love the first one most.

    I tried the khaleeji makeup... i looked scaaarrrrryyyy!!!!! Maybe because it was my first time to try the look.
    Even my sister got a fright!!! :D

    wish i could show u, so u can tell me where i went wrong ...


  4. i love them... looks so good...

  5. assalamu aleykum to everyone!
    i highly appreciated all your comments! basbousa,mina,Ange i am happy that u like them but i must to inform that mostly u can do this with the clipped hair in case if your hair are not so long and thick. i'll try to post the pic of such clip after i found it in my massed folders in the computer.
    well Moon do i need to think that its my posts made you exercise with your new make up?;)nice ! see my khaleeji make-up comments where i do suggest my help acc to individual eye-shape cos its sometimes hard to achieve from the first trial. i am not pro but i have experience and some knowledge abt this type of make-up. so just let me see ur eyes once. Anony u surprised me with your ask but i would like to help u anyhow of cause for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but if u don't feel ok that ur mail and facebook is shown we can remove it as i already saved it into my address-book. I hope you are all in high of health and Iman! And again barakAllahu fikum for comments!


will appreciate your kind notes :)