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July 14, 2008

TO SHINE OR NOT TO SHINE this is a question

Khaleejia said:
have you ever heard that people are met by their appearance and only then by their intelligence. I know that is true. I don't want to argue about importance of being intelligent anyway but what i want to talk is about façade or what we do to look good. what do you put on yourself that makes you feel self- respected and comfortable and the same time that makes people get a good opinion about you? What if you don't have good taste how do you manage with choosing your dress? Or what if you don't have enough money to buy exclusive dresses that will strike out your individuality adding to your look true glam and fashion?! A lot of girls all over the world struggle hard with arranging their wardrobes in the last call of the fashion. I do try myself. My friends do the same. It is woman's nature to challenge. But not everyone have luck or knowledge/taste how to do it the best way.
Yesterday i got a shock from the speech of one young and rich lady who said that in case a girl want to look grate and she does not have ability to buy a blouse with the real diamonds she should not buy any other blouse with fake stones even it would be swarovsky's! For her would be better if she buy a plane not a bright color shirt. She said "if you shine you must shine with a real shining otherwise do not shine!". I think it's like following some commercial that insure you in it's goods sending message that there is no better one than their products. I am not sure that diamonds is the ideal of the real taste. If you put a diamond on an ugly thing will it become look nicer?! so some people are really stupid saying that.

pic2-3 Swarkovsky crystals:

pic4.shining diamond pic.5 shining Swarkovsky crystal:
We wear abayas mostly covered with swarovski stones
that have very beautiful sparkling and of cause are not so cheap but the same time almost everyone can let herself to buy.

also it is not the principal to buy abaya with swarovski stones or zirconia(simulated diamonds). You can easily dress a cheaper abaya without any stone decoration but with a glittering pattern

that you can buy in the souk(market place) or specialized boutique as well and will look great! what i do believe that your dress must be continue of yourself like arab sais :not a dress make person look beautiful but a person who wears this dress make it look nice!

Caring about my look, first I put attention on how it fits me, colors and design that is good on me. Don't think that whatever you put on yourself is really good for you even it is so expensive and
exclusive work! I visited a huge quantity of clothes shops in Dubai and not only. And sometimes I see amazingly beautiful abayas

or indoor dresses,
whatever, I just try it on and what happens?! It's not mine! I do not see it is nice or suits me as I was expected! My friend always says "the best way to know is dress good for you or not just try it on!" Yeah, she is absolutely right.

I would also suggest you to pay attention on material-cloth because the material that will really make you feel comfortable has priority to stop your choice on. You can feel like a queen wearing nice to touch skirt then maybe a more beautiful one but made of discomfort to your skin fabric.
pic6 abaya textile shop:

People in emirates are rather informed about importance of good fabrics comparing with cheaper. It is not a big secret to know that people all over the country wear almost same type of clothes like Sheikhs and "simple" people there is almost no difference in their dresses except only quality of their dresses material. The price could very between 100 dirham and $30.000. about woman we also challenge with fabrics and quantity of Swarovski on our abayas and shaylas;) .And sometimes this competition get amazing results!!!

Bruce Oldfield is the most famous for dressing royalty, notably queens and princesses, for their wedding days has designed the most expensive abaya ever made. Sporting bespoke Crosley diamonds on the collar and cuffs, the garment is valued at about Dh1.27 million (US$365,000). To make this Abaya he used the finest black silk, a stiff taffeta, flowing sleeves and a mandarin collar.
Media says that the market for designer Islamic garments is growing, and, until now, the most expensive abaya cost about Dh364,000.
I am not sure but probably it is only for some period cos the new published designs already have put more stress on the fabrics and patterns without stones' decorations and may be later plane black abaya will come back to its first place.
collection spring-summer 2008 of Arabesque brand.


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    Masha Allah a million dirhams just for an abaya?! Unbelievable!

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