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July 10, 2008

arabic make up and oriental look for western countries

Khaleejia said:
i found that topics about arabic make up and dress are rather popular and inspite of that many sites suggest information about these topics.people all over the world still have questions about arabic look. i have something also to suggest you but it is only according to my own taste of cause that based on muslim culture and arabic traditions. the question how muslimah girl can dress in western country to look oriental and same time appropriate to that society she live in. i think next pictures will give you clear idea of that what i am talking about. Just must say that woman in the pictures is brazilian and these pictures shooted from a movie where she played a morrocanian muslim woman who need to share her life between Morrocco and Brazil.
Note1: on these photos she is in Brazil but when she is in Morrocco she dress niqab and loose black abaya outside her house.
Note2: Ilike her look here and same time judge it be cause shariah(islamic law)dress of woman must not be see through and her neck and ears must be covered. But always remember that people are weak and a lot of muslim women doesn'e cover their hair anyhow so anyway that one who cover only part of her hair is better cos make less sins than that one who doesn't cover her hair at all and that one who cover compleatly her hair is the best one and deserve hasanat (rewards)because she doesn't commit a sin then that one who cover only part of her hair.


  1. I still hafta figure out how to apply arabic eye make up *sigh*

  2. make up of this girl is different than i showed in my previous khaleeji make-up post but its also oriental-arabic. habayeb,sis i think you just need a profeccional look at your eyes' shape to ajust arabic make up that will suits you well. do u want i can try to help you.

  3. I like your blog, thanks for commenting on mine. Will add you to my links :)

  4. khaleejia..
    i keep clicking on ur blog for the next post...
    hurry up girl.. ur keeping me in too much suspense....

  5. I love that TV show, in fact that was what nfluenced me to know more about islam and now im living in egypt married to an egyptian and I am proudly muslim...........good blog, congratulations...
    as a side note.....Jade that girl in the pictures, doesn't weare correct the islamic clothes some times as you can apresiate in there she left her ears uncover or her just be aware

  6. I love El Clone....And i loving so all Arabian Womens.Bechouse you all are so greatfully,trully and nice womens....I still love you all so....

  7. I love this soap-opera - O Clone - it was on T.V in the year 2.000 - This actress is called Giovanna Antonelli; For the soap be a bit more realistic the producers made a research in the Moroccan culture and laws, they where moving in Morocco for about four months; all figurine and make-up of the actors and actress that are "Moroccan" in the T.V show where direct made for fit with the personage and culture!

    In some part of the soap when Jade - Giovanna - is happy, she use a make-up happier and also dramatic!

    I love your post and much for be using the pictures from a Brazilian as me! :D


will appreciate your kind notes :)