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July 18, 2008

khaleeji coffe tradition&recipe

Khaleejia said: khaleeji coffee break that longing hours

The Bedouin coffe contains cardamom; other spices are added when you buy it fresh. It has a special coffee pot and the coffee cups are small but with no handle(that are hold by right hand while ceremony )The portions are very small, covering only the bottom of the cup (as demonstration of respection to the guest unwilling them to leave as soon as they feel enough for coffe). It is served in houses and in good restaurants by specially clad waiters called Gahwaji or Emgahwy, and it is usually offered with the compliments of the house and is free. It is also offered at weddings and funerals. In UAE it is more of light brownish, but in other Arabic nations it is dark. It is called Gahwa Saada (plain coffee) because it comes without sugar and is a little bitter as the coffee beans are not well toasted (almost green). In Arabic funerals, the men and women gather separately; it has become very fashionable to employ very presentable women whose only job is to serve coffee all day to the women. Male waiters serve the men.

My fav time in my family when we all gather in the salon
to take a cup of traditional coffee with cardamon chatting and sharing funny stories with each other.
my fav recipe:
as soon as i can't drink coffe without sugar
two servings
  • 2 demitasse-sized cups water
  • 2 tsp. sugar
  • 1/8 tsp. crushed cardamom or 5 seeds
  • 2 tsp. Arabic coffee
Boil the water with the sugar and the cardamom.

Cardamom is ground from peeled whole seeds if possible, or use commercially ground cardamom. Remove from heat. Stir in the coffee. Then place over heat, while holding the pot. Let it foam up, remove from heat, and allow to heat to foaming again. Serve immediately.
Note sugar and coffee are approximately equal. Adjust to your taste. Cardamom should be enough to leave strong smell and fill the taste.


  1. im definitely coming to ur house for a cup of Gahwa! hehe :p nice post!

  2. our house open 24 hours per day and everyone is welcome. !! would be nice if you also share with us ur funny stories at the cup of coffe ;)

  3. I like the golden one more than the brown one,but in eid we always serve brown one..
    other than that we serve original turkish coffee

    nice blog by the way ;)

  4. I can't drink coffe without sugar. Gotta have tons of sugar. Good post :)

  5. Mmmmmm Yummy!!!!! Beduoin coffe is the BEST. Cardamon makes your breath smell so sweet.

  6. Ruba, thanx for comment and me too i like green seed coffe then blck.i add ur blog to my list cos i found it s very interesting.
    Basbousa i also cant bare any bitter taste of cofe so sugar is must be (for me)
    Alixianna i agree with u also smell of cardamon (for me) smell of home.
    and sorry for that case when i attacked u with my investigation.

    girls everyone is invited to my house for a coffee party!

  7. No problems. Insha'Allah we will always be sisters girl. I wish I lived close enough to have coffee with u ya ukti: D I can only make east african tea---good too but not the same.

  8. did u take the pics? awesome. :)


will appreciate your kind notes :)