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July 30, 2008

EXCLUSIVE share!!! khaleeji girls' recipes to HAVE TRUE BEATIFULL HAIR

Khaleejia said:
I am starting the new sharing posts about HAIR CARE based on the ORIGINAL receipts from the Middle-East preferably UAE. I hope you all will enjoy this posts because my true wish to share and spread the traditional & Islamic ways of the hair care that always work the best way.
well the first i want to present four of them but which are very good in use.
I mix:
Coconut oil apply for the all night during one month (but if you have dandruff it is not recommended). Hair become much thicker and very shining.

II mix:
mix of apricot and coconut protein cream apply for 10 minutes 3 times for the first week ,wash hair with shampoo after use.

hair become silky, strong and heavy.
III mix
Hair of one girl was very tired from the very often dying colors and lost their shine.later i met her and her hair were amazing i asked her what she did. She said that she used an oil mixed with ground fenugreek seeds then she put the mix in a can and waited for 10 days then she applied the mix on her hair twice a week.
seeds of fenugreek in arabik حلبه [helbah]- additional use for stomach disease, seeds are prepared & taken as a normal tea. Caution! The seeds have specific smell.

4. The super mix:
natural olive oil, sesam oil, 25 ml of dry graund elisa grass that has nice smell, 25 ml of graund black seeds, and you can add almond oil of any kind.
mix all this into the deep pan (bowl) and mixing it recite al-Fatiha (7 times) sura al-ihlas, sura al-falak. sura an-nas (each sura for 3 times and blow after each sura on the mix). Then read all the names of Allah (or, if you dont know say "Allah i ask You by All Your Names") especialy say names
الشافي المعافي Ash-Shafi, Al-Muafi then say
أزل الباس رب الناس لاإله الاانت انت الشافي المعافي لاشفاء الا شفاءك شفاء لا يغادر سقما اللهم آمين

"azallu-l-baas robbi-n-naas la ilaha il-la enta ash-shafi al-mu'aafi laa shifaa-a il-la shifaa-ak,shifaa-a laa yughaadr saqomaa allahumma aamin."repeat several times
then put it all into a glass bottle and keep closed in a dry warm place before use .

Term of use: two times per week (at least once per week ) for one or two hours.massage it into your hair by circle movements and with remembering of the names of Allah - ash-Shaafi al-Muaafi.
the charasteristic of this mix to strengh your hair and regenirate them. also this mix is very usefull for hands and feet with skin cracks.
the author confirm that she has been using this mix already during 7 years as for herself as for her daughter's hair , her friends and her sisters and result is always mashaAllah great. just need a bit of patient at least for 1 month.

Note: any oil activates its elements faster as it a bit warm then cold. Then more temperature (NOT HOT) then faster comes chemical reaction with contact of your hair. You may need to cover your hair while you keep a mask on your head that also will protect your dress from getting oily.

You can choose one of this way to improve your hair quality but don't forget that you will need repeat procedure several times before the true result will appear but anyway even only once applying such mask on your hair you will see and feel a big difference as your hair get the complex of natural active ingredients and as a result healthy look and shining.

To be continued...


  1. Thats a very good post. I gotta try it!!!

  2. hehe i started reading this post thinking... "receipts??" and then realized you meant recipes (or so i imagine, anyway) i'm looking forward to trying these out!! :) thanks for the tips

  3. Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah jazakallah sister for the great tips i am going to try inshaAllah but tell me where can i purchase some of the stuff like apricot cream? alhamdulillah we have coconut oil and cream but no apricot here (uk)also what is elisa grass?i never heard of that. Regarding the helba do you have the recipe for the tea please how much should you put, also one of my friend (from kuwait) made me a helba drink long time ago when i had a baby, it was milky it had cardamom,cinamon and those little spagettinis inside it was delicious and she said it's typical of the gulf do you know what i mean? jazakallah khairan

  4. As for the second mix, you said to use it 3 times for the first week but what about the week after that?

  5. hi Menna! the second week -2 times and the third 1-2 times. and the last 4th week- 1 time. this is the treatment.

  6. Hi Khaleejia! Thank you for the tips. I just have any question regarding to mix 3
    - What kind of oil better to use?
    - What is proportion of the oil and helbah in the mix?
    - How long have I to leave the mix on the hair before washing?

    best regards

  7. hi khalejia im suffering from hair loss since i came from canada. i also delivered a baby girl in qatar and everybody is saying hair loss is because of the baby delivery. since i read your hair treatment i bought himalaya protein and vatika hair treatment. i would really appriciate if you could guide me. im losing lots of hair everyday to the point where head skin is showing up now. jazakAllahu khairan

    1. r u washing ur hair with normal water from the tap? try to buy a filter , order it online, there r different types of them ( some of the better others worse)
      in UAE water has a lot of florid etc.
      inshallah it will help to u

  8. plz guide me what is elisa grass in pakistan


will appreciate your kind notes :)