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July 23, 2008

Leopard Abaya for daily wear

Khaleejia said:
Mostly for daily wear i like this wild style that makes you look stylish and same time casual.
about leopard niqab for me its over i prefer black shayla with same pattern on the edge.
i also think that this pattern good for woman of any age.

next pictures from the 2008 collection "exotic safari in egypt "of Galinel, so cheetah is still in charge.

this season brings back fashion for over 200-year-old ethnic Bedouin jewelry - large colorful belts and hand-embedded amulets that add eccentricity to shirts tunics that made of 100% silk and cashmere .


  1. Salamz Khaleejia,

    This leopard collection looks very interesting. That abaya looks great. But I am so in love with the bag & the shoes... they're just amazingly posh mashallah.

  2. Beautiful abayas. Love the print

  3. Those abayas are so pretty. Please delete my last comment as I just copied and pasted another url than my own :(

  4. I love funky animal prints! I just bought a black/white printed cheetah (I think thats the animal!) jacket.

  5. thank u everyone for comment !
    i post pic of my own abaya and some stuffs but shoes,braslet and bag i found on e-bay its most expencive things in my collage.this gorgeous bag is abt 400$. anyway its not the matter. most important if you feel great yourself wearing this its mean that you deserve to have even more expensive stuffs.
    Muslimahh thank you for ur comment in my blog and mabrouk with your new jacket! i beleive that you look gorgeous in it.
    Basbousa do u still want i delete ur comment?bytheway i think u can do it urself as the author of it next time u get confused.

  6. i am sooooo not feeling leopard prints.........maybe kind of trashy

  7. anonymous thanx for comment! so everyone has his own taste. may be its also a kind of social mentality. like when i was teenager i didn't understand why my sister who is 10 years older then me liked leopard print in everything from dress to curtains.just now i can share her taste.

  8. Wonderful post, linking a pattern with jewellry and high fashion. Awesome!


will appreciate your kind notes :)