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June 20, 2010

City of Life- a film about Dubai

Khaleejia said: I wanna see this this film! 

It's the UAE's first home-grown film directed by a 27-year-old Emirati filmmaker Ali F. Mustafa .It's in the cinemas since April 22 2010

June 17, 2010


Every country has its own unique style of the web pages.  unfortunately language barrier makes us more isolated from each other than could be. As a result we even cant know what is going on in the neighborhood. So  i hope this post will help to brake such barriers a little bit for some people.

I adore creativeness and beauty of the khaleeji sites’ designs, forums and other web content.  Enjoy  fresh  ideas and the pages free from destroying the mind and soul porNo pics.

Usually mixed ideas(eastern&western  cultures and experiences) bring amazing result in different forms of art. But when you’re able  to see  such a mix on-line in a form of web-pages,that makes you feel like visiting a virtual museum with works of the most talented artists.

thanks to all the designers for these beautiful and meaningful site-headers that sometimes  *cheer me up* just by taking a first glance at them!
headersite2 header2 header3  site1kk

June 9, 2010

Khaleeji Make up- Batavia Saloon

Khaleejia said: Another Beauty Saloon in the UAE - Batavia Saloon

In Al Ain:
tel: 050 6186203
      03 7511334

In Abu Dhabi:
tel: 050 3357484
      02 6327266

June 8, 2010

An Emirati Beauty - We'am al Dahmani

Khaleejia said:  Khaleeji women are known for their beauty and love of fashion.

We'am al Dahmani is famous for hosting a program "Dubai Hatha Sabah". I  like her because she's very feminine and charming. She knows how to wear abaya like a lady.  She's definitely a khaleeji style icon.


June 4, 2010

The most popular in UAE jalabea designer!

Khaleejia said: I hope you noticed that here on khaleejia's life blog you can find only the most gorgeous and glam things of khaleeji life style. So well today I'd like to introduce you one more secret of the khaleeji taste of beauty and style. Here they are - Beena's (one of the leading jalabeya designers) amazing creations!

June 2, 2010

my soul missing you,and dedicates this colorful poem for you!

سلام العشق وأعماقه يضم القلب وأشواقه//greetings of the love and its depths hugging the heart and its longings
تجيك الروح مشتاقه وتهديك القصيد ألوان//my soul comes to you missing you,and dedicates a color of poems
على درب الهوى جينا من أول ما تلاقينا//we came on the path of passion since the first time we met
تغير كل ما فينا وعشنا فرحة الأزمان//everything in us has changed and we lived the joy of lifetimes
عرفنا الحب وأسراره كتبنا أجمل أشعاره //we experienced the love and its secret,we wrote all of his most beautiful stanzas
وغنينا على أوتاره وذبنا بالغرام ألحان//and we sang on his cords and we melted like tones in love
نسينا كل مواجعنا وبقينا اثنين ما معنا//we forgot all of our sorrows and we remain together with no body
سوى الأشواق تجمعنا بلا هجر وبلا حرمان//but longings that gather us together without leaving or deprivation
ألا يا حبي السامي لقيتك بأول أيامي//oh my presious love i met you in my early days
تعال وجدد أحلامي ترى قلب الهوى سهران//come and refresh my dreams you will find the heart of love still awakened
شربت الحب من كاسك وطعم الورد بانفاسك//i drunk the love from your glass and the taste of roses was  in your breath
لأنك عذب باحساسك وانا مغرم بك وولهان//because you're delicious with your emotions and i'm deeply in love with you 
حبيبي كان ما تدري ترى حبك بدا يسري //My darling if you don't know i tell you, your love started  running
بدمي وانت يا عمري سكنت بداخل الشريان//in my blood and you,oh my love,are  living in my veins
قطعنا الحب ودروبه وصغنا روعة اسلوبه //we crossed the love and all  its ways and drafted its Magnificent way of doing
حكاية عشق مكتوبه وصرنا للهوى عنوان// a story about love  has been written and we became love’s address (to be visited by love).