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June 20, 2010

City of Life- a film about Dubai

Khaleejia said: I wanna see this this film! 

It's the UAE's first home-grown film directed by a 27-year-old Emirati filmmaker Ali F. Mustafa .It's in the cinemas since April 22 2010


  1. I saw the movie, it was amazing inspite of alot of cretisism, but it shows the real life of young boys, people doesnt liked it because there were some dark sides of rich people but it was true, however they showed that there are good and decent rich people. if you want a copy of it i can send you one on flash driver, just contact me. regards

  2. omg i really want a copy of this film
    it;s not showing where i am
    can u please give the link of it where u got it from or upload it please
    thanks :D



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