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June 17, 2010


Every country has its own unique style of the web pages.  unfortunately language barrier makes us more isolated from each other than could be. As a result we even cant know what is going on in the neighborhood. So  i hope this post will help to brake such barriers a little bit for some people.

I adore creativeness and beauty of the khaleeji sites’ designs, forums and other web content.  Enjoy  fresh  ideas and the pages free from destroying the mind and soul porNo pics.

Usually mixed ideas(eastern&western  cultures and experiences) bring amazing result in different forms of art. But when you’re able  to see  such a mix on-line in a form of web-pages,that makes you feel like visiting a virtual museum with works of the most talented artists.

thanks to all the designers for these beautiful and meaningful site-headers that sometimes  *cheer me up* just by taking a first glance at them!
headersite2 header2 header3  site1kk


  1. these are amazinggg im khadijah i just found your blog and i wanted to say these web desings are amazing please check out my blog please follow and leave comments and visit often

    мυ¢н ℓσνє кнα∂ιנαн

  2. Cool, makes me think about my next Blog facelift. . .


will appreciate your kind notes :)