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August 20, 2011


Market of abaya brands is getting huge  in the GCC nowadays. But there are some unique brands that inspire you to wear abaya more and more . I’d like to introduce you one  of such unique and new  brand. Amal Al Saeed is an Emirati designer owner of an ART OF ABAYA brand.
The ART OF ABAYA was launched in 2011. Amal says, thanks to Mercy of Allah her designs  get  everybody’s satisfaction .
Her clients are as from UAE as from outside the country(GCC, Yemen, Egypt, UK, USA). I think, because  her abayas’ lines are simple,   classic and beautiful.
Amal believe that simplicity is an art itself, that very few can deal with it. (Totally agree)
I love her designs, and i know she is doing what she really likes as  creating abayas was her childhood  dream and we all know that dreams can come true if  we really try to make them true (by Will of Allah).  Amal is an ambitious designer who found her own style and way in creating abayas.
Abaya has become an official dress in all occasions, as day & evening outfit, for rich or for an average income ladies, we all started be more concentrated on it by trying to catch the time & fashion’s season changes,  searching brands who are also IN.
This gave Amal an idea to cooperate with  customers  by allowing them to put their options and requirements on the existing model of abaya that she has created by determining their own preferences of the size (such as length, width, etc) COLORS, types of materials, and even kinds and quantity(increasing or decreasing) of DECORATION, means that you can choose any kind of decoration you like, pearls or Swarovski elements, laces or handmade patterns and so on until you get your best looking, comfortable, stylish and chic abaya  as just you’ve ever wished. All variety you can find on her site as all of this manipulation you can do with a couple of clicks exactly there! No need to arrange meeting, fly to UAE or visit the shop or their tailor as It is absolutely distant-order option and plus has a worldwide delivery service as well.
Amal Al Saeed says, “Also,  ART OF ABAYA creates special designs for different clients. What they need to provide is an idea of that dream abaya they wish, material they prefer to use, and what is the desired decoration . And the rest is for the designer )) ".
Some can think that this extra-service will cost a lot. I must say that prices of her abayas are average hardly exceed 1000 Dhs. ((Unless your requirements arn't sky-high))
Amal named her first collection as “Start”, inshallah, she will continue designing more &  more successful collections that will match different tastes.
I like that Amal Al-Saeed is an open-minded, professional abaya designer with a fresh ideas who puts her customers’ wishes on the first place.  Thumb up!
Here is her “Start”
khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start002 khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start004 khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start005  khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start007 khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start008 khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start009 khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start010  khaleejia.blogspot.com_amal_said_start012
and my favorite one
Facebook: page
كثير من الأحلام تصبح حقيقة إذا حاول صاحبها تحقيقها وارت أوف ابايا كان حلم الطفولة للمصممة الإماراتية أمل السعيد التي كانت تطمح بان يكون لها خط خاص بها في التصميم
ولان العباية أصبحت اليوم اللبس الرسمي في جميع المناسبات صبحاً وليلا فكان التركيز عليها أكثر
وبتغير الوقت والزمن والتطور الذي نواكبه كان من الرائع أن ندمج التصاميم بهذا التطور فكانت فكرة تصميم العباية الكترونيا حيث تستطيع كل سيدة أينما كانت داخل أم خارج الإمارات باقتناء العباية التي تحوز على إعجابها  وهي في منزلها بمجرد ضغطه زر فما عليها سوى اختيار العباية وإدخال المقاسات الخاصة بها مع مرونة التغيير في الألوان و القصات وزيادة الشغل اليدوي أو تقليله في العباية لتتواصل معها المصممة لتصل وإياها إلى العباية المريحة والراقية في أن واحد.
في 2011 كانت بداية الموقع الالكتروني لارت أوف ابايا وبفضل الله حازت التصاميم على رضا الجميع داخل وخارج الإمارات لان أرت يوفر التصاميم الراقية و القصات البسيطة والمحتشمة بكل فن لتواكب الموضة بشرط أن لا تخرج العباية من المفهوم التي لبست من اجله
عالم العبايات أصبح مزحوما بمصممات رائعات ولكل واحدة خطها وطريقتها ولكن خط أمل السعيد هو مواكبة الموضة مع المحافظة على البساطة وعدم التكلف فيها بالإضافة إلى مراعاة الوقت والزمن فالبساطة فن لا يبدعه الكثير
بالنسبة للعملاء فأكثرهم من الإمارات العربية، البحرين، الكويت، قطر، عمان، اليمن، المملكة المتحدة و الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية واليمن ومصر . 
كما ويقوم أرت بعمل تصاميم خاصة  و حصرية لكثير من العملاء فما عليها سوى إعطائنا الفكرة أو المادة التي تفضل أن نستخدمها في العباية وتترك الباقي للمصممة أمل لتكون لها الفكرة كاملة  وتنفذ لتحوز على إعجابها وتلبي مطالب كل امرأة مع توفير خدمة التوصيل لجميع أنحاء العالم 
بالنسبة للمواد المستخدمة في العباية متنوعة مثل الكريستال فكثير من النساء يفضلونه ، الخيوط والتطريز، العمل اليدوي والذي يركز على الإكسسوارات كما يمكنا إضافة أنواع مختلفة من القماش في نفس العباية وبالتأكيد اللؤلو فهو المفضل لدى المصممة. 
بخصوص الكولكشن الأول باسم البداية وان شاء الله ستستمر التصاميم بمختلف الأفكار لنرضي جميع الأذواق.

With love by Khaleejia

August 18, 2011

A young and talented Emirati make-up artist

Khaleeji makeup become more and more popular and loved by many. I have thousands of visits here just for makeup pictures. So this made me want to tell you a real-life story of one Emiratia of how she decided to become a makeup artist herself. This is what she told me:
Name: Latifa bin Faris.
Age: 21
Education:  student at Zayed University,UAE
"I learned how to put make up from TV programs such as Joelle , Iman El-Sayed and watched magazines, etc. Actually, I learned different ways on how to apply eye shadows  and eye-liner on my eyes, these two was the hardest. I was interested to learn and know everything about make-up world since I was 15 years old. I stared to put make up for my sisters when they had  weddings .
Until my family and my friends advice me to start a serious business in that.”
Here are some of her makeup work, hope you will like it as me do.
khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa009 khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa002khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa001 khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa004
khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa005  khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa007khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa006 
You can contact her via Facebook
Btw, Latifa was prepared to get your questions, comments and feedback))
With love by Khaleejia

August 17, 2011

Glamour look RAMADAN collection

Your fancy, fabulous and chic look for Ramadan Eids!! 911 help!!
34421_130476370338260_118900751495822_179027_5905949_n 40139_130817616970802_118900751495822_181007_1441582_n 52234_143649049020992_118900751495822_242300_2652197_o 54169_147402985312265_118900751495822_263913_1947100_o 55565_143648875687676_118900751495822_242299_695220_o 55815_144076308978266_118900751495822_244339_4700905_o 56872_143648712354359_118900751495822_242298_5668117_o 59600_132302743488956_118900751495822_188367_5672564_n 61022_129675037085060_118900751495822_175986_6845121_n 66318_134619513257279_118900751495822_199809_7069211_n 76025_139725126080051_118900751495822_223054_359042_n 149270_139726742746556_118900751495822_223056_3873191_n 149515_139726499413247_118900751495822_223055_4622437_n  176340_167273529991877_118900751495822_387180_188052_o 176352_165821233470440_118900751495822_378120_4172158_o 201268_179733635412533_118900751495822_465156_7084126_o 240533_187388091313754_118900751495822_515775_4578216_o 242253_189776274408269_118900751495822_533925_8239980_o  258659_190762650976298_118900751495822_540425_1248874_o 278557_207042452681651_118900751495822_612398_425170_o 278625_207088416010388_118900751495822_612545_3838609_o
And my fav Royal look:279300_210142815704948_118900751495822_624895_6564578_o

August 10, 2011

Professional Khaleeji heritage’s photo-album for you and your kids

Ramadan Kareem!
Khaleeji heritage becoming  more and more popular in the world, people start even love  khaleeji culture attributes, such as burqa3, abayat, gootrah w agaal, gandoora, jalabeyat, bakhoor, dala3a(coffee-jugs),henna, oud perfumes,  make-up and even camels..))
As soon as one gets a khaleeji item, it is given a whole attention and admiration;)) Some start taking pictures of themselves while wearing burga3 or having henna drawings on their hands. Khaleeji girls and men do that as well (even more often),but not always your photos become  as you have expected for them  to be. Due to bad light, camera lenses, or other circumstances. That made me think, why don’t we ask professional photographers to do that for us?! But do every professional photographer will exactly understand what you need? I think, no.
I found one Kuwaiti studio with really talented photographers( Nada Marafie & Najwa Marafie) who are very creative in their work. They magically can  make you look what you wish and even more than you’ve expected.
I definitely love their idea to make memorable album for kids wearing traditional clothes! So cute!
Here are they:
Hama, Dara'a and Henna are part of Kuwaiti heritage's dress that women are wearing for wedding and Ramadan session. Hama is the Golden accessories which you put over your head, Henna is the designing Tatto that decorated the hands, while the Dara'a is the heritage dress of most of Gulf countries.
khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio002khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio001 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio004 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio005   khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio008 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio009 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio010 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio011 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio012
video of Najwa Marafie's professional workshop

Call for appointment: 66383666
visit on Flickr:

youtube channel: