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August 18, 2011

A young and talented Emirati make-up artist

Khaleeji makeup become more and more popular and loved by many. I have thousands of visits here just for makeup pictures. So this made me want to tell you a real-life story of one Emiratia of how she decided to become a makeup artist herself. This is what she told me:
Name: Latifa bin Faris.
Age: 21
Education:  student at Zayed University,UAE
"I learned how to put make up from TV programs such as Joelle , Iman El-Sayed and watched magazines, etc. Actually, I learned different ways on how to apply eye shadows  and eye-liner on my eyes, these two was the hardest. I was interested to learn and know everything about make-up world since I was 15 years old. I stared to put make up for my sisters when they had  weddings .
Until my family and my friends advice me to start a serious business in that.”
Here are some of her makeup work, hope you will like it as me do.
khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa009 khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa002khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa001 khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa004
khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa005  khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa007khaleejia.blogspot.com_makeup_khaleeji_latifa006 
You can contact her via Facebook
Btw, Latifa was prepared to get your questions, comments and feedback))
With love by Khaleejia


  1. I think this is one of the best khaleeji make-up I have seen

  2. Wooow I am 4rm Britain and i like ur makeup so much iys very clasic


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