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August 1, 2011

Ramadan Recipe- Khushaf- ألخشاف- وصفه رمضانيه

Khaleejia said: Well Ramdan is started and our lives has been changed by  the new schadule. Today i was asked to prepare a very nice iftar that starting with "khushaf". I think for arabs it is very popular drink while for the west still uknown. Here i want to share the recipe and hope you will enjoy the meal after! I think i will post a lot about food this month))

(im happy to find ready post here))
Al-Khushaf is a dish that is associated with the month of Ramadan. It is a very well known recipe in Egypt and some Arab countries. It is a very easy recipe that only needs your personal touch while preparation. You personalized this recipe by adding your choice of different kinds of dried fruit and nuts . Al- Khushaf is eaten without cooking, it is done by saturating the dried fruits and nuts in apricot drink. It is a very satisfying meal especially during Suhoor.
-- Half a cup each of your choice of dried fruits such as apricot, figs, raisins and prunes. You may chop the big sized fruits since it plumps up while soaking in the apricot drink for hours.
-- Half a cup of your choice of un-toasted nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios and pine nuts. You can use less or more of your favorite nuts. You may add some pomegranate seeds if they are in season.
-- Six cups of apricot drink (Amar al deen). You can increase the amount of the drink used according to the quantity of fruits and nuts used.
-- 2 Tablespoons Rose water or orange blossom water, optional

* Pour apricot drink in a deep container
* Add dried fruit.
* Add nuts.
* Cover container and place in the fridge between 8-12 hours.
* Serve cold.

My note: my friend use fresh apricot puree made from fresh apricots mixed in blender then mix it well with sugar and some milk- tastes AMAZING like nothing you have ever tried before! 
My note: If you do not have apricot drink,can use milk just as the next video
according to these steps /milk-1litr dates-0.5 kg/n

:Prepare dates and add some milk/0.5litr/ to them. put in the frige from 30min to 2 hour(can be more)
  (after this time the milk will change color to brownish )then mix this dates and milk well using bllender.
- step 2:
 prepare other dried fruits according to what you have and like. Put them in the another bowl with milk. (some add sugar, but for me it's fine without it). and pure over that mix of dates and milk you have just mixed.
- step 3: serve it at the time of iftar /optional- can serve with some nuts, coconut powder, and even sugar.

this is very tasty drink. with apricot or with milk it tastes like a nectar!! so tasty and natural!

من الوصفات الرمضانيه المعروفه في مصر و بعض الدول العربيه. الوصفه سهله جدا و تحتاج الى اضافة اللمسه الشخصيه عند التحضير. لكم حريةألأختيار لأضافة انواع مختلفه من الفواكه المجففه و اضافة المكسرات. يقدّم الخشاف كنقيع بدون طهي و هو من الوجبات المشبعه خصوصا أذا قُدّم على السحور.

-نصف فنجان من كل نوع من انواع عديده من الفواكه المجففه مثل المشمش, التين, الزبيب و القراصيه. بأمكانك تقطيع الفواكه اذا كان حجمها كبيرا لأنها تنفش في الشراب بعد النقع. -نصف فنجان من أختيارك من المكسرات النيئه, غير المحمّصه, مثل الجوز,اللوز, الفستق الحلبي و الصنوبر. يمكنك استعمال اقل او اكثر من المكسرات المفضله لديك. 
٦ أكواب من شراب قمر الدين المحضّر, يمكن زيادة كمية الشراب حسب كمية الفواكه و المكسّرات المستعمله. 
- ماء الورد و ماء الزهر, أختياري 
الطريقه: * أسكبي الشراب في وعاء غميق. 
*أضيفي الفواكه المجففه. 
*أضيفي المكسّرات. 
*غطي الوعاء و ضعيه في البرّاد ل 8 الى 12 ساعه. 
* قدّمي النقوع باردا.


  1. Salam sis! The khushaf looks pretty easy to make! I doubt I can find apricot drinks in Malaysia; unless I go to the middles eastern stores. Will insha'Allah try it with milk!

  2. Salam Hajar! THank you for leaving your opinion. i want suggest you to do it with milk(i added step description to the posted video, check the post again) and u can do it with fresh apricots as well! u will need to make apricot puree in blender then add milk and sugar, all of these recipes testes amazingly fresh sweety and natural!

  3. Thanks for posting my recipe for Khushaf on your blog. Hope many people will get to read it and make it. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.


will appreciate your kind notes :)