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August 5, 2011

Keep your abaya on!

Khaleejia said:
This post is dedicated to someone who "tired" from abayas and enviously  looking at the west.

Just about 5 years ago people from the West and other than Gulf countries(Maghreb, Egypt, Sham countries also were not so common with khaleeji abayas as nowadays) hearing a word  of “ black abaya” would have  turned their faces like if they  taste a lemon –(it’s the mildest description), i would think something more disgusting came over their minds like  “mmmm Abaya – it’s a grave of individuality” and other not pleasant reactions.  What happened within such a short time with abaya to make people  recognize it differently, nowadays? what would you to say?
I think, that abaya became an arabian sign of fashion…high couture fashion. And Dubai- is Middle Eastern Paris.

But with a small difference – Abaya is worn by rich, poor or middle class women daily,it is not stored in the top stocks with unbelievable prices(even we have some). Anyhow, It means that all brands and styles that have been just performed on the catwalk shows going in to the masses, immediately, so yesterday,  an abaya you saw on a model,  today you see  on regular girls/ women in the malls and streets across GCC .

Top world stylists coming to UAE ,Qatar and other GCC regions get crazy about fashion industry here, all TOP and HIGH and LAST are seen on people strolling around!!! They admit it’s the  most  fashionable places in the world even more than New York , LA, London, Paris and Milan. It’s what they say, not me.

Some time ago East was associated with a beauty of colors but nowadays it is more associated  with a “beauty of black”.
Now one of the most desirable gift from UAE for muslim girls (and not only muslims) is ABAYA.
Not every country is suitable for wearing it, but it's still in demand… girls love putting  their khaleeji abayas on in front of the mirror inside houses, why? i quess they see how beautiful they look in it. Honestly, abaya hide some imperfections and reveal all grace and feminine beauty.

 I know that for those who has to put  an abaya on daily without  a big choice  what to dress it can be difficult to agree, but i still call to you to keep your abaya on! Do Queens have much choice?! So, Queens, lets keep  this beautiful tradition, our precious religion (Islam) and our pious modesty by keeping on wear abayat and the rest of the world will admire Us.

See how beautiful you are when you wear an abaya for your daily routine ,evenings, outs, events and Eids.

khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles001khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles013  khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles005khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles004  khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles006 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles007 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles008 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles009  khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles011 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles012  khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles014 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles015 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_abaya_styles016


  1. i love this is so true..all the sisters should kee their abayas on..and to others that dont wear it..try'll grow to love it..

  2. salamaleikum, i love these abayas, so feminine! where did u get the pictures from? xx

  3. wow, hu is she... great style an also as usual great post

  4. mashalah, you are so right sis! i never wore an abaya as i am from the west but I love it and I wish I could wear it all the time! Abaya is the most ebautful things a muslim can wear - both elegant and covering(most of them anyway)

  5. Totally agree, I m from europe, but I LOVE abaya, spend all my money on designer abayas, its more classy, more comfortable than european clothes, only in abaya, I feel myself happy!


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