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August 1, 2011

رمضان كريم مبارك! Beautiful Ramadan poem & pictures 2011!

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Ya Ramadan!, by Noor Syed
In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind
A blessed month is casting its shadow upon us
A night of this month is better than a thousand months
Bear with patience for the sake of Ar-Rahman
It's a continuous training to strengthen our Imaan.

Glory be to Allah who sent Ramadan as a mercy to mankind
Its a purification of our soul, our heart, and our mind
With the most sincere devotion and love we fast
To be cleansed and free from sins of the past

Glorified is He, Who chooses this holy month,
To test our patient  and fill our hearts with warmth
Of his Divine Light, His blessings shall glow,
The Seer of the unseen, all He does know

Ya Allah! For thee, let my breath be more pleasant than musk
Ya Allah! For thee, let me be thankful when day turns to dusk
My thoughts and heart are purified, my eyes start truly see'
This blessed month, the month when we become sins free!

Ya Allah! For thee, my life I shall live!
Ya Allah! For thee, my soul I shall give!
In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind,
Praise be to Allah, who sent Ramadan as a gift to mankind!

Kull 3am o entum b5eir!
Wish love,
By Khaleejia!


  1. مبارك عليج الشهر الكريم و تقبل الله صيامكم

  2. جزك الله يا فيصل و آمييين

  3. Really great Ramadan Poems. Ramadan Mubarak.

    I was wondering if you can allow me to reproduce this at my post Ramadan Poems. If so please post a comment on that.

    Wishing you Happy Ramadan once again


    1. Ramadan Mubarak for you too, Sajith. Personally I dont have any objection.


will appreciate your kind notes :)