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August 6, 2011

"ONCE" an eMIRATi Girl was looking for LOVE

Khaleejia said: Recently, at night  switching the tv channels I came across a strange movie. , it seemed so unusual as it was not a show, a documentary movie or  a soup opera. It was a movie (shortie)... about modern Emirati girl - a teenager. 
synopsis: Two girlfriends (they are all emirati) sitting in a cafe inside the moll and discussing their problems.."girly problems" .. and suddenly  one of them shoooooocked me! "OMG! what had i just heard?? Ok, come down and keep watching",-I said to myself... and it was after i had something like "OMG! What ve i just seen?" heh... Well... may be  because I did not expect to hear and see that stuff  from the screen!  Finaly i liked it somehow. 

Yeah it is short film, but there are many things to impress.

Here is the 
The film revolves around the day Hamda, a young Arab teenager, plans to meet her boyfriend Saeed for the first time. The film shows the journey Hamda goes through to see Saeed for half an hour. The journey shows Hamda's best friend Amna covering for her, Hamda lying to her father, Hamda going to the hair salon transforming herself from a young girl into a beautiful young woman and then traveling to her date with the excitement of meeting and fear of getting caught. Hamda thrives on excitement yet knows the big risk she is taking by seeing Saeed for the first time. Hamda and Saeed get to meet, however not all goes to plan.

Better if you  watch this movie yourself. I can only say one thing, Nayla Al Khaja- an Emirati Writer / Director / Producer, is becoming more and more controversial director. she raises social issues of the Emirati/ Arab/ Gulf society. Many criticize her for it, but I think that if society is to hide their ailments, they will just rot  becoming worse and worse. Please leave here your opinion and comments on the fav. parts of the movie  after watching it ..Thank you!


  1. i liked the part where the camera was showing Hamda's things on the shelf and u could see the whole movie crew in the background :-D

    her friend prolly ratted out on her cuz maybe her dad called looking for her and she got shook and told everything LoL and that mwa6an dude was a total skeeze like what kind of a loser asks a girl to go to his apartment ALONE and without her wali *if he truly wanted to marry her*?? she should've known better and he should've had more class and decency to approach her the PROPER way...

    but i guess that's why its called 7arakaaaaat :-P

  2. Thanx dear for comming back to comment this film. would be much better for them if they whould follow the old rules but this is new life i guess..

  3. good evening...

    I should be sincer, i am not a muslim but i am a silent reader of your blog bc i got chamered by this wonderful part of the world...

    i saw also the movie... was touching... but there are so many shades somebody can understand this short movie...One the love of the father and the need of protecting her....Second the new life as you call it and the need of exploring new things that at a first look they seam non important but deep down they are very...third the real intentions of this young stays all in the shade we wanna see it...

    Thanks for sharing..and greetings from Italy...

  4. wow, always nice to know that i have such a beautiful and smart silent readers))
    YOu are compleatly right, Miss Dior- this movie short but deep in different aspects of the "new life" problems.

  5. I think that girl was lucky she did not get seduced or raped. When she was with him alone I felt scared for her and was thinking to myself: "Foolish girl!" I'm glad her father interfered. I think that such being one on one with strange men in this culture is very dangerous, because many men see such "brave" girls as bad girls and maybe could even invite their friends to have fun with her.

  6. i pity the image of muslim women which is being portrayed and the influence that will trigger in younger generations who will view such content....with so called modernisation Middle East is implementing i feel sorry for that Islam has sunken down in the minds of so called muslims...its ramadan and i must state my opinion speaking of which im an expat married to an emirati and i feel very sorry for his countrys values and culture and values of women being washed away....Open the doors and copy the world and this is what you get....sorry nayla al khaja i do respect your talent but not to this extent seems you are a woshipper of hollywood and not Allah swt!!!

  7. I loved the movie because it's actually the truth! They're are many girls who do these stupid things and think it's fun and just games, but they're just making it worse for themselves. I know ton's of girls who make fake FB accounts under different names and go around and flirt with other guys, but is that really what they want to remember when they grow up? When the girl was alone with him i was just thinking " Omg This girl is crazy!". And how do these girls even have time to do all of this?!? I barely have time to chat with my friends online without my mom looking for me! Lol...

  8. Hi,
    like to say these type's of films are an eye opener to certain taboo's, to which most (not all) loacal emaraties who feel embrassed or shamed to talk about.......i think Nyla Al Khaja is doing a fantastic work :-))not only creating a platform for dialogue inregards to these taboo's but also generating a social awareness for the older genration,parents and etc who are not aware of the extent some may go to.....

  9. unfortunatley these things happened now a days some girls that responed to their hearts more than their brains are fooled by such men like them if a man really wants will knock ur house door,,but their are alot of good sides in emarats citizen, why do most prefer showing the bad side more than good ?


will appreciate your kind notes :)