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July 30, 2008

EXCLUSIVE share!!! khaleeji girls' recipes to HAVE TRUE BEATIFULL HAIR

Khaleejia said:
I am starting the new sharing posts about HAIR CARE based on the ORIGINAL receipts from the Middle-East preferably UAE. I hope you all will enjoy this posts because my true wish to share and spread the traditional & Islamic ways of the hair care that always work the best way.
well the first i want to present four of them but which are very good in use.
I mix:
Coconut oil apply for the all night during one month (but if you have dandruff it is not recommended). Hair become much thicker and very shining.

II mix:
mix of apricot and coconut protein cream apply for 10 minutes 3 times for the first week ,wash hair with shampoo after use.

hair become silky, strong and heavy.
III mix
Hair of one girl was very tired from the very often dying colors and lost their shine.later i met her and her hair were amazing i asked her what she did. She said that she used an oil mixed with ground fenugreek seeds then she put the mix in a can and waited for 10 days then she applied the mix on her hair twice a week.
seeds of fenugreek in arabik حلبه [helbah]- additional use for stomach disease, seeds are prepared & taken as a normal tea. Caution! The seeds have specific smell.

4. The super mix:
natural olive oil, sesam oil, 25 ml of dry graund elisa grass that has nice smell, 25 ml of graund black seeds, and you can add almond oil of any kind.
mix all this into the deep pan (bowl) and mixing it recite al-Fatiha (7 times) sura al-ihlas, sura al-falak. sura an-nas (each sura for 3 times and blow after each sura on the mix). Then read all the names of Allah (or, if you dont know say "Allah i ask You by All Your Names") especialy say names
الشافي المعافي Ash-Shafi, Al-Muafi then say
أزل الباس رب الناس لاإله الاانت انت الشافي المعافي لاشفاء الا شفاءك شفاء لا يغادر سقما اللهم آمين

"azallu-l-baas robbi-n-naas la ilaha il-la enta ash-shafi al-mu'aafi laa shifaa-a il-la shifaa-ak,shifaa-a laa yughaadr saqomaa allahumma aamin."repeat several times
then put it all into a glass bottle and keep closed in a dry warm place before use .

Term of use: two times per week (at least once per week ) for one or two hours.massage it into your hair by circle movements and with remembering of the names of Allah - ash-Shaafi al-Muaafi.
the charasteristic of this mix to strengh your hair and regenirate them. also this mix is very usefull for hands and feet with skin cracks.
the author confirm that she has been using this mix already during 7 years as for herself as for her daughter's hair , her friends and her sisters and result is always mashaAllah great. just need a bit of patient at least for 1 month.

Note: any oil activates its elements faster as it a bit warm then cold. Then more temperature (NOT HOT) then faster comes chemical reaction with contact of your hair. You may need to cover your hair while you keep a mask on your head that also will protect your dress from getting oily.

You can choose one of this way to improve your hair quality but don't forget that you will need repeat procedure several times before the true result will appear but anyway even only once applying such mask on your hair you will see and feel a big difference as your hair get the complex of natural active ingredients and as a result healthy look and shining.

To be continued...

July 26, 2008

Dubai exclusive summer 2008 make-up

Khaleejia said:
Farisa Dubai and Bronzya presented new look in Dubai for the summer 2008, suitable for any cases. This make-up
emphasizes the beauty of the eyes while the lips' tone has been hidden with the skin color foundation and refreshed with light pink lip-gloss.

The Calm (AL-Hadi) Look

The Lebanese Look
The bold look
The Brave Bronze Look
The fire look

The loud colors Look

The bronze&pink lookThe deep marine look

for tutorials how to do this make up you can see this links
the deep marine look
, my khaleeji make up (pink)

July 23, 2008

Leopard Abaya for daily wear

Khaleejia said:
Mostly for daily wear i like this wild style that makes you look stylish and same time casual.
about leopard niqab for me its over i prefer black shayla with same pattern on the edge.
i also think that this pattern good for woman of any age.

next pictures from the 2008 collection "exotic safari in egypt "of Galinel, so cheetah is still in charge.

this season brings back fashion for over 200-year-old ethnic Bedouin jewelry - large colorful belts and hand-embedded amulets that add eccentricity to shirts tunics that made of 100% silk and cashmere .

July 18, 2008

khaleeji coffe tradition&recipe

Khaleejia said: khaleeji coffee break that longing hours

The Bedouin coffe contains cardamom; other spices are added when you buy it fresh. It has a special coffee pot and the coffee cups are small but with no handle(that are hold by right hand while ceremony )The portions are very small, covering only the bottom of the cup (as demonstration of respection to the guest unwilling them to leave as soon as they feel enough for coffe). It is served in houses and in good restaurants by specially clad waiters called Gahwaji or Emgahwy, and it is usually offered with the compliments of the house and is free. It is also offered at weddings and funerals. In UAE it is more of light brownish, but in other Arabic nations it is dark. It is called Gahwa Saada (plain coffee) because it comes without sugar and is a little bitter as the coffee beans are not well toasted (almost green). In Arabic funerals, the men and women gather separately; it has become very fashionable to employ very presentable women whose only job is to serve coffee all day to the women. Male waiters serve the men.

My fav time in my family when we all gather in the salon
to take a cup of traditional coffee with cardamon chatting and sharing funny stories with each other.
my fav recipe:
as soon as i can't drink coffe without sugar
two servings
  • 2 demitasse-sized cups water
  • 2 tsp. sugar
  • 1/8 tsp. crushed cardamom or 5 seeds
  • 2 tsp. Arabic coffee
Boil the water with the sugar and the cardamom.

Cardamom is ground from peeled whole seeds if possible, or use commercially ground cardamom. Remove from heat. Stir in the coffee. Then place over heat, while holding the pot. Let it foam up, remove from heat, and allow to heat to foaming again. Serve immediately.
Note sugar and coffee are approximately equal. Adjust to your taste. Cardamom should be enough to leave strong smell and fill the taste.

July 16, 2008

Pins for khaleeji hijab style

Khaleejia said: Addition to my previous post "My tutorial How to wrap shayla ( khaleeji style)"
if u need to pin your shayla i suggest you to use this jeweled pins that will give your shayla more glitter and glam. do not situate it right on the top of your head or to much low. you need only one and better place for it should be that one that will keep your shayla its loose look. thats how i usually pin it myself

there is huge veriety of this kind of pins just choose what color and shape you like more...

to fix your shayla under your chin you can use this kind of safe pins :
or this simple tailor pins that also suitable and easy to find:

all of this stuff you can order here and here there is also khaleeji style shaylas.

July 14, 2008

TO SHINE OR NOT TO SHINE this is a question

Khaleejia said:
have you ever heard that people are met by their appearance and only then by their intelligence. I know that is true. I don't want to argue about importance of being intelligent anyway but what i want to talk is about façade or what we do to look good. what do you put on yourself that makes you feel self- respected and comfortable and the same time that makes people get a good opinion about you? What if you don't have good taste how do you manage with choosing your dress? Or what if you don't have enough money to buy exclusive dresses that will strike out your individuality adding to your look true glam and fashion?! A lot of girls all over the world struggle hard with arranging their wardrobes in the last call of the fashion. I do try myself. My friends do the same. It is woman's nature to challenge. But not everyone have luck or knowledge/taste how to do it the best way.
Yesterday i got a shock from the speech of one young and rich lady who said that in case a girl want to look grate and she does not have ability to buy a blouse with the real diamonds she should not buy any other blouse with fake stones even it would be swarovsky's! For her would be better if she buy a plane not a bright color shirt. She said "if you shine you must shine with a real shining otherwise do not shine!". I think it's like following some commercial that insure you in it's goods sending message that there is no better one than their products. I am not sure that diamonds is the ideal of the real taste. If you put a diamond on an ugly thing will it become look nicer?! so some people are really stupid saying that.

pic2-3 Swarkovsky crystals:

pic4.shining diamond pic.5 shining Swarkovsky crystal:
We wear abayas mostly covered with swarovski stones
that have very beautiful sparkling and of cause are not so cheap but the same time almost everyone can let herself to buy.

also it is not the principal to buy abaya with swarovski stones or zirconia(simulated diamonds). You can easily dress a cheaper abaya without any stone decoration but with a glittering pattern

that you can buy in the souk(market place) or specialized boutique as well and will look great! what i do believe that your dress must be continue of yourself like arab sais :not a dress make person look beautiful but a person who wears this dress make it look nice!

Caring about my look, first I put attention on how it fits me, colors and design that is good on me. Don't think that whatever you put on yourself is really good for you even it is so expensive and
exclusive work! I visited a huge quantity of clothes shops in Dubai and not only. And sometimes I see amazingly beautiful abayas

or indoor dresses,
whatever, I just try it on and what happens?! It's not mine! I do not see it is nice or suits me as I was expected! My friend always says "the best way to know is dress good for you or not just try it on!" Yeah, she is absolutely right.

I would also suggest you to pay attention on material-cloth because the material that will really make you feel comfortable has priority to stop your choice on. You can feel like a queen wearing nice to touch skirt then maybe a more beautiful one but made of discomfort to your skin fabric.
pic6 abaya textile shop:

People in emirates are rather informed about importance of good fabrics comparing with cheaper. It is not a big secret to know that people all over the country wear almost same type of clothes like Sheikhs and "simple" people there is almost no difference in their dresses except only quality of their dresses material. The price could very between 100 dirham and $30.000. about woman we also challenge with fabrics and quantity of Swarovski on our abayas and shaylas;) .And sometimes this competition get amazing results!!!

Bruce Oldfield is the most famous for dressing royalty, notably queens and princesses, for their wedding days has designed the most expensive abaya ever made. Sporting bespoke Crosley diamonds on the collar and cuffs, the garment is valued at about Dh1.27 million (US$365,000). To make this Abaya he used the finest black silk, a stiff taffeta, flowing sleeves and a mandarin collar.
Media says that the market for designer Islamic garments is growing, and, until now, the most expensive abaya cost about Dh364,000.
I am not sure but probably it is only for some period cos the new published designs already have put more stress on the fabrics and patterns without stones' decorations and may be later plane black abaya will come back to its first place.
collection spring-summer 2008 of Arabesque brand.