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April 10, 2014

Dubai, UAE Heritage:Traditional Housing & Life Style with Bo Mansour

Khaleejia said: Heritage village in Dubai is a popular place among as local citizens as tourists. The village is open yearly from October till May. Daily hundreds or thousands of guests visiting its premises welcoming to demonstrate local heritage and culture. 

 You can see diving village with all their stuff to learn more about this hard job in the time of survival. Passing by Beduin camp notice all details of that simple life they had. I said to Noura that i love the simplicity and order, so  she replied saying : if we just try that life for one day we will start loving more our modern life.. her true.
More over it is nice place to walk around while eating some irgag (local bread) with cheese , egg or honey... on your choice.

 And still you may not find such a deeply knowledgeable and traditional man like uncle Zayed ( Bo Mansour) who has an amazing talent to tell about the Past that you wish it to be the Present! 

Me and my friend Noura were honored by Bo Mansour hospitality & learnt a lot from his short but deep presentation about housing and life-style back on decades. Hopefully  this very unique video (by chance we were able to film) will find its fans and bring some light to the "mysterious" households of the past..

Watch the video below.

Location: Heritage Village (Dubai). Date: 7 April 2014.