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May 28, 2008

khaleeji make-up

Khaleejia said:
Just watched abu-dhabi channel proggram named "stylish" about make up applying. In a Moll (make-up section) was demonstration of magic changes on a bit ugly woman just by professional make-up applying. Actually there was nothing new but i ll try to repeat what exactly they did.
So first was foundation to cover any skin imperfections and smooth the colore (including lips)
then with brushes they started cover her eyes perl colores eye shadows, adding black kohl around eye-lash lines (they draw rather big diametr circle that made her eyes look much bigger! good for those who has small eyes)then the distance from the bottom eyelid till a line in the middle of eyelid they covered with oily deep-green eye-shadows adding some more black kohl over the green colore shadows then the area under eyebrows was covered two sub-colores of fair shadows :darker-in the middle and lighter - outside . then they applied mascara from the very begining of lash growing. and her (not narrow) eyebrows they colore in dark brown color(i think it depended on her original eyebrow color). final move was appliying blush/rouge on her cheeks (as usually) and with brush her lips was first covered by some reddish colore then lined around and last applied light pink lip-gloss. She really became pretty:) her eyes very big and dark her lips smoother and volumed her face became i would say-beautifull:)!this youtube video most of all shows what i was talking about ""
if anybody understood anything i wrote here i would be happy. Thank you for your time you list my posts:) i would enjoy to read your notes as well


  1. that sounds interesting. i personally don't like too much makeup i prefer some coverup, and a little kohl.

  2. AssalamuAleikum! i appreciate ur attention to my blog dear sister. in my case i follow my husband's wish and use black eyeliner and black kohl to make eyes bigger and some mascara to compleat my look eyebrows i make narrow and black. actually sometimes i dont want to do any make up than my dear husband becomes upset from me. so i try always outline my eyes thats why i can do it easy and fast.i already prepare a post abt my way of eyes make up.

  3. She transforms an UGLY woman into something beautiful.. You think that women without make-up are ugly?? Personally, I do wear make-up but I also find natural look beautiful because that's how Allah created us.. Im all for khol, but calling someone ugly, I don't like..

  4. maria thank u that reading my blog i am completely agree with you after i read it again i got that feeling that ugly(even "a bit")too much rude anyway even i just wanted to explain the really big&nice changes,i was planning to replace it with an other word. actually its not my mother language and i do mistakes sometimes .


will appreciate your kind notes :)