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August 10, 2011

Professional Khaleeji heritage’s photo-album for you and your kids

Ramadan Kareem!
Khaleeji heritage becoming  more and more popular in the world, people start even love  khaleeji culture attributes, such as burqa3, abayat, gootrah w agaal, gandoora, jalabeyat, bakhoor, dala3a(coffee-jugs),henna, oud perfumes,  make-up and even camels..))
As soon as one gets a khaleeji item, it is given a whole attention and admiration;)) Some start taking pictures of themselves while wearing burga3 or having henna drawings on their hands. Khaleeji girls and men do that as well (even more often),but not always your photos become  as you have expected for them  to be. Due to bad light, camera lenses, or other circumstances. That made me think, why don’t we ask professional photographers to do that for us?! But do every professional photographer will exactly understand what you need? I think, no.
I found one Kuwaiti studio with really talented photographers( Nada Marafie & Najwa Marafie) who are very creative in their work. They magically can  make you look what you wish and even more than you’ve expected.
I definitely love their idea to make memorable album for kids wearing traditional clothes! So cute!
Here are they:
Hama, Dara'a and Henna are part of Kuwaiti heritage's dress that women are wearing for wedding and Ramadan session. Hama is the Golden accessories which you put over your head, Henna is the designing Tatto that decorated the hands, while the Dara'a is the heritage dress of most of Gulf countries.
khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio002khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio001 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio004 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio005   khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio008 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio009 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio010 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio011 khaleejia.blogspot.com_kids_national_dress_portfolio012
video of Najwa Marafie's professional workshop

Call for appointment: 66383666
visit on Flickr:

youtube channel:


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