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August 10, 2008

khlaeeji look WITHOUT abaya

Khaleejia said: well i am back,  i got this idea to represent you khaleeji style look that you can try if you don't have abaya or can't wear it for any reason. You like khaleeji look? well it's for you. what you will need:
long skirt any color you like
black long sleeved top
shayla with patterns same color with your skirt (optionally)
hand-bag same tone with your dress
some accessories like bracelet, ring and necklace.
and... cardigan/jacket long&black here on the pic it has belt but you can wear an other (loose) fashion as well. in case you get one plane colore cardigan then you can create your own design adding some patterns by yourself.
to know how to wrap khaliji look sheyla see tutorial .


  1. cute! Alhamdulilah i can wear abayas so i dont need to look for alternatives but yea for sisters in the west this is a gr8 idea. I would have worn this style if i was in the west too.

  2. thank everyone for comment it was my personal experience when i traveled to other countries where abaya would look too strange.

  3. Assalaam alaykum

    I love it! Great style sister :)

    wa alaykum salaam

  4. Salaam 5aleejia!

    This is what I wear in the West too, or even here in AD. It depends what my mood is like!!

  5. wow! mashaAllah cute, hay did anyone know where to get such cute abayas coz i like to dress like that some times here in west so i thing thats cute outfit and i hope if anyone knows where i can purchase that outfit you can email me back here inshAllah[

  6. salam alikum

    it's nice but i prefer abaya's style coz it's more butiful and more mastour!

    u do a great job mashAllah


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