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June 5, 2008

How do business women dress in the UAE

Khaleejia said:
Top notch and in the best brands' name…

As soon as UAE keep their traditions, attire of emirati business woman the same that she wears in public – veiled + abaya.
Other nationalities don't have to veil (if they are not Muslims) cos' Emirates the same time is a very liberal country most likely it may shock nonresident aliens how the locals dress. However, nobody wear the too short of skirts usually a little bit under the knee or exactly the knee length skirts. Nothing see-through or tight, No sleeveless or low cut shirts. Some women put on too much make up as it is their custom but it's not a necessity. Hair (or bang) and nails are always done nicely and attractively.Same as everywhere else but with a little nod to modesty.

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