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June 16, 2008

Back to that quiet oriental life

Khaleejia said:
Today I went out in the early morning before the sun appeared on the horizon. The sea was quiet as everything around. One security man who should control everybody passing that way seemed sleeping on his chair. I was wearing pure black abaya and scarf that in the smooth light looked so nice deep color which made me feel so beautiful and more oriental. I looked around and didn’t find a person just palm-trees honorably standing in the middle of the desert. Sobhan Allah! I exclaimed in my heart! What a wonderful nature! A desert from the right hand and that sea from the left and gorgeous palms in the middle!
This hotel (I would say Palace) was built so traditionally Arabic design and I just felt myself as a sheikha, where all my wishes are being rapidly fulfilled. What I need to feel a bit happy? A nice car, personal laptop, apartment in a big city, a good job or just a camel, henna for entertaining, a tent in the desert and a careful husband who will provide my needs?!

Sometimes I really feel that it so enough just to have this little and live such a quiet life like the morning was today…


  1. masha'allah! wat a beautiful scenery it must have been i can imagine!!! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the traditional/oriental khaleeji style...especially the house decors.

  2. thank you my dear sis for ur nice comment by the way i was just going to write a post about house decor.last time its very popular and a lot of feng shui centers been opened in ae. for me there is no better than oriental design that makes you feel so homely (even if its falahin design)as i wrote in my post-a tent in a desert;)but why not to make your house as a palace!also agree:)


will appreciate your kind notes :)