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January 10, 2010

EMIRATI- Watch a TV Show ON-LINE! :)

Khaleejia said: I'm happy to introduce you a wonderful  program about Emirati culture - "Emirati" on DubaiOne  TV channel. The program is in English and you can watch it on-line!!!!!

"Emirati" talks about culture and traditions, lifestyle of Emirati people. You can watch all epsiodes of the program here: Emirati ON LINE

Below is one of my favourite episodes about traditional clothes (dishdasha/kandura for men and abaya and jalabia for women), Arabic perfumes, bukhur, golden jewellery.  Enjoy!! 

* don't forget to let me know if you liked it please :)  I love it :))


  1. Thanks for sharing! I know this programme and watched two first parts of it before.

    I did not like the interview from Sweet Vintage designers- frankly they and their creations reminded me of "Boya" trend - young women who dress like men. Why would they be inspired by traditional male clothes in a rather conservative Muslim society? as if there are no other sources of inspiration for women's clothes.

    IMHO it's inappropriate to imitate men in their dress or borrow such traditional elements like "tarboush". From the other hand nice to see young designers have new ideas even if they are silly IMHO.

    Yesterday I saw a girl wearing an abaya - the top of abaya from neck to waist was made of khaki fabric military style.. what kind of abaya is that? :)

  2. mashkoor for sharing!!!! This is a wonderful documentary on the culture of Emirate/Khaleej!! I FINALLY get to go to Dubai in less than 2 weeks and seeing this even makes me more excited to travel!!!! Its been way too long since my last visit.

    I must also say Masha Allah to you for doing such a wonderful job of sharing your own views of Emirati/Khaleeji culture!!

    Allah Ateesh il 3afia

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    Rahmalla wal dayish

  3. anotha gr8 post sis xxx SAM x

  4. Mashkoor to all for coments! i can't explane my joy for dubai one who finaly did it!when i started my blogging there was nothing even over the web. now you can find douzens of blogs or sites dedicated to gulf/emirati culture and finaly it is on tv. i mean for english speaking auditory!
    Alice,i can understand ur feelings abt that half-military abaya but u made me remember myself just less then 4 years ago i was keen on khaki and i dressed khaki jeans under abaya also i had a body and cap oh and diff clothes with khaki decoration;)i was young...;)p
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    SAM,thank u always for ur passing by and notes that always encourage me to do all my best.

  5. im a pakistani and i love khaleeji culture!! its a wonderful post,thanks for sharing:)

    do u have a facebook page?

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