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August 1, 2009


Khaleejia said:

For those who're interested i have posted about yowallah(preferably man's style khaleeji dance) but now i am going to share with you this video -small workout for khaleeji woman dance. without digging the history of the dance.I was lucky to get this vid as i hope you will enjoy it. I know that my blog has been visited mostly by girls from different continents, and i know that this style of dancing is learning in every country of the world. But the same time i am sure that not every of those girls have clear idea abt khaliji woman dance . well i hope this post will bring more light on it,and give you a chance to try it yourself. Must admit it's one of my favs among woman dance' styles.


  1. salaam khaleejia! ahlan wa sahlan and welcome ak we missed you sooooooooooooo much please dont leave your blog for so long again ok?...i look foward to your posts inshaalah...;o)

  2. Thank u Anon,u made me fee shy:)
    i will try allllllll my best!!!
    thanx 4ur support!

  3. Assalamu'alaykum, just want to wish you an early Ramadan Greetings from London. Seriously girly I love this blog to bits! Im on like mad wanting to see anything new. I would love to know where you got this video from coz I checked everywhere and cant find it, is there more tutorials??

    Also, girly will you be doing a section on bridal gowns, khaleeji style??? Im dying to see some, Britain is really dry with their gowns, im usually browsing lasposa bridal

    Love you.


  4. salaam 3lekoum wa ra7matualla wa baraktu,

    do you know who the singer of the song playing over the video is??

    jazake allahu khairan

  5. Hi there, yes u r totally right, as a amateur belly dancer i learn lot of styles of arab dance and Khaleeji is really favourite of mine. But lot of dancers here mixing for example Iraqi with Saudi style..cuz there is not enough info or they dont care. but some are doing right..
    here is my favourite dancer and teacher. . i love khaleeji dance.
    i hope u like that.. have a nice day. thank u for ur blog.


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