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August 1, 2009


Khaleejia said:
i donno why this people (i met some during my trip that is successfully over)caught my interest but their culture is so uniq and maybe one of the least popular compared to the european or south american or even gulf countries that i dare to present in my blog. This muslim nation we firstly know from the terrible war that started in 1994 and was oficcially over in 2002 . but history of this nation goes for 6000 years back . what i understood Checenyan one of the most proud and strong people. They keep up their draditions wherever they live. Forced to immegrate to different countries they keep their national pride and togatherness with their homeland fellows, when they are asked about their nationality they prononce it with eyes full of respect and love to their land. Also i heard that it's very complecated for woman or man to marry different nationality otherwise they are in big risk to lose their parents and relatives.May be thats why some are married secretly. If you allow to decribe me their men's temper and beauty of their women i would say it's like when you see eagle hovering highly among picks of the rocks nobody can hurt him as his nobel beauty that make such a magic to those who watch it from the ground. this was my own introduction of this amazing people.

beautiful video will help you to understand better what i have wrote above.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum

    What a beautiful video mashallah!


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