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June 2, 2009

my random fashion ideas for the summer

Khaleejia said:
summer 2009 - colors+white & black and you look fabulouse!

Before i had a flight i spent couple of hours in front of the mirror to unerstand what i can
dress over the seas. Defenatly my abayas should be taken off and hidden deeply in my wordrobe. And the same time i need to look gorgeous-stylish&glam. on my own choice i did this dress-menu where i included white jeans and black jeans that nice to mix with pink,light green,white,black or cheetah colors. but this is only 1% of the rest ideas. my own notes-its great for not too hot but windy and cloudy weather among 15-25 degree.


one of the most important thing to complete the look is nice fashionable shoes and accessories-belts,bags,necklaces,huge rings, bracelets and sunglasses.

black is always in ! during my travelling i descovered that my color choice was precisely same as the european dress tends for this sumer.

and finaly is make-up "smokey eyes"
1.eye-shadows Eyestudio Smoky Glam maybeline
2.make-up smokey eyes from gucci for the summer 2009 smokey eyes set
smokey eyes from Carolina Herrera summer 2009

hope you liked it:)


  1. hey there so u wear abaya's in UAE but not over seas?

  2. I love all those colours, glad you had a nice time...

  3. hala hala!we always love ur posts mashaalah very nice...sister can you tell us about marrige in the uae and how how you got married inshallah.also how do u find good islamic arab muslims to marry?i really love the arab culture and i would like to get married to someone from there but i dont want to make haraam yani go out with the guy and how can a sister in my situation find someone?shkran ;o)

  4. Salam 3laykom! Your blog is great, keep up the good work but don't forget to enjoy your vacation! :D


  5. asalaamu alaikum, thats a crazy phenominon, a lot of the Muslimahs from the Gulf countries who wear abayaah in their countries come here to the USA, dont even bring any because they think they arent appropriate and they need to dress more "American" -which btw what does dressing "American" entail anyway?
    meanwhile those of us who live in the US DO wear abayaahs, jilbabs and other overgarments with pride.

    and FYI...i think a abayah over jeans and sneaks is a VERY American look.

  6. Umm Ibrahim
    couldn't agree with you anymore
    whats even better is the gulf ladies who get changed on the plane
    honestly why?
    yup hunny wear it with pride
    at the end of the day to Allah we belong and to Allah we return
    to please him is our goal in this world because if tomorrow you were to breath your last, how good your makeup was and all the rest ends right there and all you will take to your grave are the good deeds!

  7. Khaleejiaaa where r u:(:(:(

    i miss u sooo mch

    im coming to dubai soon

    cud u plz tell me any henna salons on deira dubai as i wanna get my henna done

    please plzzz plzzzzzzz
    reply asap


  8. Salam Habibity Kifik Anti? Ana min Brazil w Ana love too much kteer your nice blog kterr hilow mabrouk
    Yalah pls add me as friend Shokran ( :


will appreciate your kind notes :)