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May 28, 2009

about "camel humps"

Khaleejia said:
everything new is just well forgotten past,isn't it?!
let us open one more time this discussion that has already become the top topic among muslims and hijabis around the world. Preparing this post i decided to find out back in history since what time women started covering their heads with tall,hump-looking hats or up do's. and now u can see what i have found
So the most antient and famous presenter of this style was the most beautiful Egyptian queen Nefertiti.
May be those stories that are well known to everyone about her unbelievable beauty and her splendour as a queen came deeply to the world's mind as a perfect sample of the Royal Beauty. Till nowadays i hear some people compare beautiful women they see with Nefertiti.
the youngest faraon - king Ramthes II look at his crone it makes sence!
Then i was pretty surprised to see this photo of one greek lady statue that made of clay. look at her head she certainly had some kind of hump. probably it was just her hair that she made on her head top but also it could be fashionable trick of those times

then i found those funny looking real conehats that definatly had some meaning for those who wear them:

also that ball-looking hair up-do's as i know now likeness of german kugelhaube or haarhaube(personally don't have idea what is that) were maden only for the adult and married women living in sixteen centure.

5.The material they used for such head covers was firm and tightly covered with colored satin. also that white head&sholders cover(pic.6) looking like modern hijab,was so-called Barbette women took from men who dress such kind of cloth under their helmets to protect the skin from oxidation. Only later this kind of cover was taken by cristian chirch as nun's head-cover.
All these head-cover styles are met in national costumes of different nations from the east to west since faraonic time.It had different shapes and defenitions but there was someting common that was pursued two objects that was modesty and dignity of that woman who wore it. And of cause it had meaning that woman is from high level and rich;)
next pic.represents slovenian woman dressed for wedding:


9. Muslim women (arab and non-arab)

European women XVIII-XIX centures

11. Kazakh woman wedding hats so-called saukule

12. men and women head-covers XIV-XVI centures

13. Austrian woman's head-cover


European fest head covers

12. eastern europe woman fashion XVIII-XIX

13. old russian head cover of a bride

14. present time celebrities


16. back to egyptian royal style

17. turkish hijab style (is very popular over there)

18. glam up-do wonder how you could do the same check out this link

But it's not all! Have you noticed that casual woman hat has so clear "camel hump" look?! Just look at them!

kazakh man's hat


this last hat is from collection for summer 2009 designers suggest to dress it with swimm suit on the beach.

So as we see high up-do's exist over 5 thousand years. And till now this feature of head-cover fashion appears everywhere accross the whole world. In ever hairdresser salon you ll get your hair backcombed for almost any up-do.Why?! first-high up do's give some kind of chic & self-confident, some believe that it gives feeling that woman has a good health as people think that she possesses strong and long hair. well for me it is gorgeous and cosy if you don't want to look worse than those who spend hours in the hairdressers and salons. yes i use huge flower clip and feel nice with it that my hair will not go outside my shailah and my shaylah will not slide to the sides. also in case i take my shaylah off i ll still have nice up-do. the only one thing i care is that it should not be too big&too high. i took that opinion as someones thick hair could make same bump. also i do not like when shaylah is too tight to the head that reveal everythng that under it (like turkish hijab in this post) . P.S. plz plz plz whatever i've said over here please consider as it was my private opinion that could bring no use or harm inshallah.

also choosing this style you should know that not everyone in gulf like it. Some locals see it vulgar and funny. I understand them really cause sometimes i myself felt the same when saw over done bun. You can read about such reaction in this bahranian blog the author brought out this problem for open discussion and got a lot of responses.
Also you can check out next link that was written as a rsponse to the same post on hijab fashion


  1. assalamu alaikum

    Great post and great selection of pics mashallah!

    I believe it's personal choice and taste in clothes. All the debates and hatred because of clothes is very secondary in the light of really important issues- praying, fasting, hunger in the world and all the wars stupid American government makes! Why do we hate and mock our sisters in Islam just because of the hairclip, while there are so many really important problems in the world,in Muslim ummah and in our own lives. How many of those sisters who laugh at the "coneheads" regularly weak up for al fajr, for example?

    Personally I dont like it when the bump under hijab is too big and high. I can even laugh at it. But actually I grew more tolerant.

    And I dont like it when western non muslims mock and criticize khaleeji girls, while in fact their Christian orthodox and catholic nun often wear high hats and are respected (I've known them, I've seen it)! Their celebrities wear ridiculous high hairdos and famous designers sell expensive ugly high hats and they are all admired and respected. And the khaleeji girls get laughed at...

    Not fair :P

    I agree with you khaleejia that this style was not invented by khaleeji muslim girls. Most princesses and queens and even kings, dukes, had high hats as a sign of nobility.

  2. hello

    cud u pleezz tell me popular makeup brnds in the uae?
    do thy have NYX? MAC?

  3. Anon, there are LOTS of shops with good quality make up, there's really a lot of choice, from luxury make up to cheap Chinese low quality products. There are big stores that sell best brands of make up Sephora, Areej, Paris Gallery. There you can find: Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, Estee Lauder etc And cheaper make up from Bourjais, Clarins, L'Oreal, Max Factor, Nivea, Revlon etc

    I think many Emirati women love expensive high quality products. But those girls who dont care for brands can buy very cheap make up from unknown Chinese companies.

    There are also such shops with make up as: The Body Shop, Mikyaji, Make up Forever, Red Earth (Australian) etc

  4. Salaam :)

    Interesting topic sis. I think it depends on ones own choice really. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and so long as you live your life as best you can, treat each other with respect, and dont mock those who may 'appear a little silly', i think then that you will be on the right track! ;) This is the life my friends... therefore we should all be happy, smile at each other, and even say salaam to those with huge heads! Remember, we will ALL be held accountable for our actions in the end (and that includes making fun at girls with masses of hair or clips!) ;)

    By the way, If anyone is interested, i have a number of designer shayla's, abaya'as for sale.

    And YES -Large flower hair clips for sale too!!

    All have been purchased personally from the UAE Pictures can be emailed and will be uploaded on my blog this week!

    Salaam sisters!

  5. hey! you've posted a link of bumpits.. do u know where we can get it in dubai?

  6. pic nr 16 "back to egyptian royal style"

    Yo, thats Amy Winehous, girl!!!!!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I like the hair bump and I think it looks cute. HOWEVER I would NOT call it Islamic/Halal simply because there is a verified hadith saying it clearly isn't.

    I love mini dresses, I love stilettos, I love wearing too much make up, I love blingy abayas. But are they really the halal/islamic things to wear? Not really.

    I showed you that hadith and you can take it or leave it, it's up to you.

    But just because a fashion is popular and has been around for a long time doesn't make it halal.

    Also, you mention it's ok just because it's been done by muslim women for centuries to show off their wealth. I think you forget that you're not really supposed to dress in a way that makes it obvious you're really rich either.

    I have nothing against this fashion and I personally occasionally wear this style and I like it. I naturally have A LOT of hair so it looks like I'm wearing a clip and I get comments about my hair bump all the time.

    So I don't care if girls do it and I won't judge them for it. But I wouldn't dare mislead other girls and call it halal or islamic because the truth of the matter is that it isn't.

  9. Asalaamu `alaikum Khaleejia

    Plz check out my latest response about the Bump :-)

  10. Asel, salaam alaykom ramatullah wa barakto: you just nailed it on the head as to WHY the style is frowned upon (it has always been worn by Dukes and Queens, ect---it is a class status symbol things and that is why it is frowned on in Islam, bot just cuz we don't like that khaleeji girls do it, lol).


will appreciate your kind notes :)