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May 8, 2009

Local opinion on abaya fashion as a dress-code in UAE

Khaleejia said:
By a chance I stumbled at this abaya topic article that was written after interviewing some locals in one of the UAE malls 3 years ago. Everybody spoke out as general as private points of veiw on this progressive side of the islamic and the same time cultural attribute.
Some interesting episodes from The article :
"We here must wear abayas. So, much as other people like to show off their clothes,
"They now follow the fashion in everything. You can't be wearing a Giorgio Armani dress with a 100-dirham (27-dollar) abaya on top," he argued....
Never mind that his elegant consort, sporting an abaya decorated with golden metal and matching head cover, could cause more heads to turn than a less attractive woman in a short skirt. "

• Before you speak, listen
• Before you write, think
• Before you spend, earn
• Before you invest, investigate
• Before you criticize, wait
• Before you pray, forgive
• Before you quit, try
• Before you retire, save
• Before you die, live


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