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May 26, 2009

i am On vacation

Khaleejia said: me and my family on vacation
This is the second week of the my trip around baltic sea countries. i am so excited from all those places i have visited! People!!! they are so different but nice! also i found out what could muslim girl dress living in such countries where people have rather limited knowledge of islamic culture. I beg you all forgive me for the delay with new posts i just need some quiet time to gather all my new experience and may be use it in my further posts.
p.s. answer in adwance now i don't dress abaya, mostly european style but with khaleeji shaylah wrap. colors that i use for my dress are preferably mix black with rose white or light green or cheetah print,plus lots of huge accesories and i can't avoid my henna colored hands that became so attractive over here like nothing else!!!!but elhandlillah this "strange look" is loved by most of ppl i have met during the trip.


  1. have a nice vacation!!! just a question that do you veil in your home country?

    another thing is, can u please provide a hijab wrap video for khaleji hijab wrap style? jI would b grateful.

    take care

  2. welcome back
    witing for new posts
    pleasee do ur facial routine.. as you post so many beautiful makeup posts
    would love to see what u put on ur face.. from creams to eyeliners!
    and your dressss sense xxxxx
    youe no1 fan!

  3. thank u a lot najm-es-sahar and anon!so nice to read ur coments!!
    i m going to post soon and on your reqests as well bithnillah.yeah,najm-es-sahar i do veil wherever i am as home.wish you all have a great time!
    see u soon

  4. Salam sister, have a nice holiday!!!!!!! U desearve it!


will appreciate your kind notes :)