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May 5, 2009

Fashionable lessons from the local tv

Khaleejia said: I hope you will like this post,i did it according to your showed interest in one of my previous posts about programm al-mara'a khaleejia on Dubai tv. Here i collected snapshots of emirati female presenters from different programms on the Emirati channels. For sure you can trust their look as the most fashionable but not always by shariah, in the end of this post you can also watch some video-shots of these programms where i tried to shoot exactly episodes for this topic cutting all the blah-blah parts;) enjoy. p.s. all the programs were showed recently,some of them today but sorry for the bad quality as i did it from my tv.

this video about one kind of a football game that is very popular in emirate with a proud team name "emirati falcons"
all the video i tried to make light and pretty short around 10-20 sec. so its should be easy to watch it.

this video tells about the biggest hospital for falcons situated in Abu Dhabi,the capital of UAE. This part is completely in English so good for english-speakers,and beautifull Emirati presenter..enjoy (the only video that takes up to 4 min)

Well here i cut all other parts exept where we can see the girls. the first episode was about new series of stamps for the emirate and the last two are from noojom4 channel


  1. Salam sister, nothing in these ladies spell hijab fashion, every single line of hair should be covered, I must say not my style really.... but to each his own. :)

  2. thank you for your comment stylomon, but i must note smth if you plz, in the post i put 9 different presenters and 5 of them are covered properly,you can not see hair,so its not so bad like somebady has a picture abt emirati hijabis.

  3. Umm I don't know what you're talking about, Stylomom. Most of those girls are covered just fine.

  4. hey hey i love these pictures and your posts...wala very stylish...emirati girls are the most stylish indeed...sister i have a question a hav the very big claw clip and i wanted to know if you could make a post showing wer exactly and how to wear these clips..thanks so much for all the info...:o)

  5. how exactly did the girl in the first video wear her shayla?i want this style

  6. Assalamu alaikum

    Nice pics and video! I loved the video with a girl playing football- a typical khaleeji "beauty" :)


will appreciate your kind notes :)