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May 5, 2009

list of ABAYA SHOPS IN UAE(english)

Khaleejia said: ough..ok..well here it is ...

Raqeya Bethouqe
Beit el-ehtiyar awal (house"First Choice") -Sharjah- Sahara Mall
Shalati - Dubai
Arabesque - dubai
El-Balsm and El-Watr - Ajman - street En-nahil building sheikh Hamid (specializing on tailoring, they make abayas like MAY FAIR LADY)
May Fair lady - Dubai-Emirates' towers
May Fair Lady -A.D. -Centre Fateh el-Kheir
Sweet Lady -A.D. -El-Khaldia
El-Mashaar -A.D.
En-Nisaati - A.D.
Blue Dan - A.D. - Centre Muhiri
Shop "First Choice" - A.D. - Centre Fateh el-Kheir
Shop "First Choice" - City Star- but another company- Dubai
Shop "First choice" - Mega Mall - Sharjah
shop "Midnight wayid rawwa" - Sahara Mall -Sharjah
shop 'bidun ism" (without name) - Sahara Mall - Sharjah
Hanji - A.D. - el- Khalidia
Ghanati - A.D. el-Khalidia
Hanain - Dubai -Centre el-Ghurir and City Star
Lorine -Dubai - centre Wafi
Shop Elite - Dubai - Palm Centre
"Raqeya Bethouqe" Shop - Al Ain, Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Behind Emirates Bank

it was the list of the most nice abaya shops in emirate
but u can check more here on online database of the uae shops


  1. walla thank you soooooooo much for this may allah reward you well inshaalah...are these shops very expensive?

  2. what do emiratis do with old abaayas?

  3. in some of the shops abaya can cost you up to 1000$ and other just within 300-1000AED depends on designs,fabrics and art work of the each model.
    anon-emiratis would do 1 of the 3 action with the old abayas.
    1-give it to their malaysian,indian,and so on housekeepers,nanies,haidressers,and other categories of ppl who can be given.
    2.leave/gatering all old abayas home but never dressing 'em.
    3.-opening selling "garage",spredding new abt sale over internet forums or among their friends,but this ofcause incase abayas were expensive and have originaly art work. as wedding abaya who somtimes cost more then gown.

  4. One of my friends is making an expensive abaya with a lot of crystals for wedding and it'll be ready after a couple of days. I cant wait to see it on Sunday ;)

  5. Asslms

    i am 4rm South Africa. I am coming to dubai in Dec inshallah. I would really like to know about abaya shop Taulia or Taubia. They have stunning abayas. By any chance to you have a email adres of them?

  6. Assalamu'3aleicum

    Hey girls, it is possible send the web link of those stores to us?

    Thank you

  7. Kindly Include our shop as well in that list:

    "Raqeya Bethouqe" Shop - Al Ain, Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Behind Emirates Bank

    Thank you!

  8. my mum wanted to knw abt abaya shops in dubai... Ur blog made it easy for us.

  9. Can you do an updated list? There's so many boutiques in Dubai now for abaya, idk which ones to choose ^_^

    1. Dear Amal,
      Thank you for your feedback. You are right there are thousand of boutiques in Dubai... It is old post though we will try to update the list with the new brands and addresses For the moment check this link out.

  10. Dear Sisters
    Please help me locate shops in sharjah where I can buy good quality niqabs and niqaabs of different patterns.

    Umm Aahil


will appreciate your kind notes :)