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May 4, 2009


Khaleejia said:
I have not done yet post about Yemen this unic country, unic people. In my mind this country always was something like a shade of gulf region but it is wrong. Yemen one of the nicest country all over the world. Of cause with its unic identity but as a muslim country is still one of the most conservative islamic .
I was stumbling on this video with some tears filling my eyes as when you see some kind people who are ready to give all they have to you for nothing back. I also found some important answers to the most often questions that i hear over and over again such as : is it allowed to steal if there is nothing to eat and can a market place can be a good(spiritualy) place or its impossible and so on. A brother from kuweit telling about yemeni market where we can see daily routine life of its people. And the most remarkable things is that yemeni people are so simple as supposed to be for every muslim. While group have some meal they welcome any stranger inspite of his nationality,position,religion,age or anything else to share meal with them, how can this solve lots of problems with hunger and crime that are commited be cause of this. Also there is a very good example of how we should spend our time remembering Allah even if we're covered with duties, selling or buying. I wish you watch this vid too as this is really a good lesson for all of us. And welcome to Yemen:)


  1. i love yemen and the people there are so kind and warm hearted maashallah

  2. I am of Yemeni descent and I truly am proud of my people even though I wasn't born there. sf

  3. salam aleykum

    mashaAllah !!

  4. What u had to say about the people of Yemen was very nice and true.... U r a very thoughtful person


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