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April 15, 2009


Khaleejia said:
I was asked about different kinds of  wrapping shaylah and i agree that we don't have to look always the same way even if it is the most beautiful and stylish anybody can get bored . Also i know that not every company even in arab countries  allow women to wear black shaylah (some strange Co. do not allow their female collegues wear hijab at all!) Hope you dont have such a kind weird situation.
So,here two perfect  islamic-(no hair no bangs, no revealed earings or neck, skin&hair color)khaliji hijabis (the presenters on dubai tv). To do the same kind of wrapping you ll need long and wide colored shaylah (with any nice print),i like when fabrics look expensive;) even if they are not. so SILK then satin, shiffon,crep-shifon, crepe-georgette et. start wrapping as always but where you fold it keep the edges loosy and cover your chin. may be you will feel that your head look bigger but no need to be confused as it in fact makes your shoulder look more narrow that one of the sign of the woman's beauty;) The loosy folds will also give some affects to your face,your lips will look more plumpy and your eyes bigger and kinder.
P.S. use huge clip or not its all up to you. But i advise to use bandana under the shaylah as it will keep it better on the head,preventing from sliding and dishevelled look.

Well, this is realy nice way to wrap your shaylah but it is not enough for those who has active life. This wrap is really good for work for dinning out,shopping but not for going to fitness center, beach or walking with kids in some park. For that case we need something more casual and comfortable but still awesome;) I,myself prefer using normal black (another color can be done as well)without huge prints shaylah not very wide and long just that one which i can wrap twice around my head and i do it without any clip on my hair as i dont like anything "spoil" the natural look, as shaylah is wrapped rather tight in zone that around face and other side just as it is. huge sunglases just complement the final look. For this described wrap i use only two pins or even 1 just fix in the end the edges of the both levels on the side of my chin. Also doing this wrap chin and forehead can be revealed as much opened as it can be, i think its make girl's look more self-confident well may be its just my feelings.
Hope you liked it;)


  1. wow helow im gona try dis

  2. can u perhaps give us a list of abayaat shops in dubai that we can get good prices and good abaya n shaylah...many thanx

  3. alhamdulilah i already tie mine these way..and i j'adore the sunglasses look with it.

    Anony - Go to Abu Hail center or souq al wasl, you can get as good abayas that u see in expensive shops like Hanayen there but for normal prices from 200 to 400.

  4. hala khaleejia wen will you put new posts im waiting for them..inshalah soon plz really lookfoward to your blog...thanx mwhaa...mayis

  5. hala wala anon,sorry that make u waiting for so long..i am on my way..hehe curious..wht topics u re z most interested in..?;)


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