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April 4, 2009


Khaleejia said:
I' d like to share this smokey colored make up that is just perferct for daily applying. I am not sure about the make-up artist is she from Emirates or Kuwait but i like that it's not so bright,olives bronze and gold combination with black and dark blue eye-liner i believe it is fine with a black shaylah& abaya.

i love this olive shadows on the upper lid and bolded line under bottom lash-line.


  1. They're really pretty. I think I'd be able to do most. I'll try it out. ;)

  2. yeah they are inspiring,you can easily do most of them and look gorgeous! thanx for ur comment!

  3. hi! This styles are really awsome! can u plz tel me withh what kind of eyeshadow, eyeshadow palwette or which label they have been done?


will appreciate your kind notes :)