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April 4, 2009


Khaleejia said:
I am delighted with Dubai Television!
In 2009 Dubai TV presented a new TV program for & about women of the Gulf the program got the same name Al-Mara'a Al Khaleejia that means Gulf woman. Its all about women, parenting&family, health and beauty within tradition and culture. Professionals in different  fields  such as doctors, fashionistas, make-up artists, designers, teachers and others are invited to the program to share their professional secrets with women of khaleej . Now you also can watch this program online even if you don't understand arabic,you will always find there gorgeous khaleeji women in beautiful abayas&shaylas with modern khaleeji make-up.

p.s.also i'll place the link on the sidebar in my blog to speed your search anytime you want to watch the program.


  1. omg id love to watch this but because i dont no any arabic.. dnt kno wat to click once im on the page
    pleaseeeee add a direct link! thankuuu xxxxxxxxx
    p.s: from all the blogs, yours is the best so sisterr keep it up:D!


  2. Sameerah thank u ktir! i tryed to put direct link but anyway it goes to the main page so,i ll tell you what u should click once u get on it!on the right colomn there are three labels one of them called برامج(programs)click it and choose the 14th link from the top,just count it down from the 1st link till u get the 14th link it should be mara'a al-khaleejia there are 54 videos of this exact programm. that's it,click it and then enjoy your watching, you will see the page like i had posted here and you can easily go from one video to another within only this mara'a l-khaleejia program. good luck dear!

  3. totally cant get it.. is there a lady wearing red?
    رامج(programs) i cnt even find that :(:(:(
    i sat for half an hour trying to get it.. im not sure if ive clicked the right thing or not

  4. i think ive found it.. is the first video on the list of the programme
    is it a lady wearing black and purple sleeves abaya?
    purple flower prints with purple eye shadow?
    plz let me knowww

    xxx thnkuu sis

  5. anon,i just check it one more time acc to ur description and re in the place! hope u enjoy watching it!

  6. sis.. its mostly talking.. are there videos you would request that show things.. you go around dubai
    abaya.. make up.. hair... shopping e.t.c?
    thankuu xxx

  7. Girls, try this link, it works for me fine: displays only AlMarra al khaleejiya's programs:

  8. sameerah,try to watch sama dubai
    i think u ll find there what you ve asked me,if i ll have smth more certain i ll post it.

  9. i think u ll like to see there emirati/kuweiti new serials or programm "ma3 en-nas" or even just commercials cos its mostly among tradiotion,culture,good taste and Islam with women in abayas ;)


will appreciate your kind notes :)