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August 28, 2009

Another Cool Emirati Cartoon!!! "Khoosa Boosa" خوصه بوصه

Khaleejia said: Khoosa Boosa is an old game Khaleeji children played in the past. And it's the name of a new 3-D cartoon about Emirati lifestyle!
Khoosa Boosa is a new cartoon shown on Sama Dubai this Ramadan. It's about Emirati lifestyle! Everything in the cartoon is exactly how it is in real life of average UAE locals! And that's why it maybe difficult to understand for people outside Emirati society... nevertheless some things can be understood without translation and explanation:)

Enjoy the cartoon!

And there's even one more new cartoon consisting of short parts about health and healthy life style in Khaleeji families :)


  1. Salam alaikum Khaleejia ;)

    first i want to say i adore your blog! mashallah, you have alot of interesting things in it!

    i only wanted to point out that the english transaltion for the cartoon is "khoosah" not "hoosa"...maybe you didnt see that, sorry if i bothered you! i didnt know that this was an emirati game though! thats so cute!

  2. wa aleikum assalam Noorah! thank you for your sweet comment, it made my day :)

    I'll change it to "khoosa" as of course it's more correct this way, thanks for your remark :D


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