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October 15, 2008

HOW TO wrap (khlaleeji) shayla ...without any pin

Khaleejia said: Several times girls asked me abt how to wrap shayla...i tried my best to explain, i did some posts, but here i am going to present the most popular way around the gulf area (khaleeji yani) women.
alhamdulillah at this time it was a successful video uploading . i captured it from one serial in Ramadan time. i am sorry for the bad quality cos its just from tv-screen with my i-phone camera. check it out!


  1. salaam!
    well personally i think its better to use shayla pins since the shayla then becomes loose, hair starts popping out and u see the gals tieing and un-tieing their shaylas 101 times.

    sure its better and the same time its not obligatory or duty to use pins but sure pins like hair spray for ur hair up-do,
    i can wrap shayla without a pin and no one hair will fall down.its the fastest way but not the longest and u ll need to re-wrap it and re-wrap every 5 min until u finally ll find a pin and fix it. but who doesn't care abt religion so much they prefer tie it 101 times while their walk cos its sooooo attractive and ..modern

  3. yes sister khaleejia you said it exactly this new trend of women who do not care about religion and want to follow their desire in everything, when we are outside of our home we shouldn't be attractive or fashionable what's the whole point then? I am sorry but that hump at the back of the shayla looks very attractive and ladies sport it with tight,opened,decorated abayas, that's not hijab and it shouldn't be called that it's true it's attractive and that's the whole problem!!!!fair enough i love beautiful materials and all my jilbabs (head abaya) are made of nice materials,nicely etc...and too for niqabs but it is Islamic and we have a duty to remind each other. salaama


will appreciate your kind notes :)