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October 13, 2008


Khaleejia said:
Assalamu aleikum ! i am not sure that my temporary absence was so short,but i truly wanted to be concentrated on the Ramadan first duties and i was patient enough with a lot of other things too. hope that i will keep on blogging without such a long term vacations at least till the next of Ramadan , ان شاء الله . I thank everyone who kept on browsing my blog in order to read my previous posts that hope are interesting and sometimes useful and many thanks to those who hasn't lost a hope to find my new posts too, and thanx for every comment that has been left by you(even i don't answer to the all regularly but be sure i always read them and appreciate!)
well here it is.. my new post..actually it was ready since one month but i didn't find it to be suitable to post it in such a blessed month of Ramadan.
Once i did a post about my own( khaleeji )make-up that seemed you liked it. Time passed and my make-up has been changed, now it is not so bright and i would say its more modest i use it for home or outside and feel more safety with it and more comfortable. maybe my drawing are not going to show you the real picture at least you can see the way and approximate result. But what i want insure you - it is khaleeji way make up. so be in tune ;p
1.first pay attention on the direction of the shadows' applying, it will be-vertical.

Apply foundation, powder then light color eye-shadow all around the eye... choose skin- brownish tone-combination (including light-middle and dark shadows) for your make-up that looks more natural.

on the eye-lid apply middle tone
repeat one more time and spread it upper
one more time or till you see that shadows' shape is right and enough colorful...
use black shadows under the eye (wet a little bit your brush to make line bright and stable)
apply black shadows on the top of the shadows' line then smooth it with a soft brush by sweeping down movments .

down and around ....
repeat contour by applying middle tone shadows to smooth the edgesapply black eye-liner on the upper lid and under just as your eye-shape is or according to our vertical direction,don't make any arrows, just vivid the eye-contour

brush your eye-brows and use dark-brown pencil make 'em also vividwell...this is final look
check one more with this animated picture


hope you enjoyed...


  1. Wow, I love this!! MasAllah you seem very talented.

  2. thanx M.J. for visit and comment. u gave me a chance to know you also and visit your nice blog!


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