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October 16, 2008

welcome to my home henna saloon

Khaleejia said:

For everyone who likes henna i did this post. Couple times a month i do it anyway henna party with my friends or my own. last time i had to get full experience about henna procedure from how to prepare it till how to draw. i tasted plenty of its kinds. (p.s. henna for hair cant be used for hands-painting as soon as you will not get dark stains). the very dark color comes when i add karkade or when i use water from dried (in oven) lemons. i wouldn't do all of this work in case there is henna saloons around me as i used to in Emirates. but i am ok and always say alhamdlillah. The same time i dont want to change my life-style and i arrange this place in my home for such a case like henna time.

next pics are the step-by-step my own henna-drawing for the both hands. khaleeji pattern( of cause). By the way colored fingers - is my fav style. enjoy!

and for the right hand: not exactly the same but with the same tend

this i did for one of my friend actually she just choosed this pattern from collection i have in my laptop


  1. Mashallah - very pretty indeed

    Shukran for the pics sis:) --- greatly appreiciated!!!

  2. w enti Mina thanx a lot for ur comment!


will appreciate your kind notes :)