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November 2, 2008

khaleeji,magrebi,palestinian dresses for a... party

Khaleejia said:
Assalamu aleikum! some of these dresses i can't take of my mind i see them gorgeous and imagining myself dressing one of these i would certainly feel myself like a princess, i guess...what about you? i asked my friend which one she likes more so she put her eye on the dress N.1,3,5 i adore the second one and the first for sure but unfortunately its not for this time ... who knows may be this fashion will come back as one proverb sais:"the all new is just a very well forgotten past"...

this one reminds me somehow character of Natali Portman in the Star Wars...
well i was looking for her pic over the net and found these nice look dresses like this lavender night-dress that is so nice!

in this dress i can easy imaging her dancing khaleeji :)
or this wedding dress...its hijabi!!
and i just cant miss this case...with guess who! Nansy Ajram (Lebanese singer) put on hijab!!!! actually she did it for a protest of the war! Hope when the war will finish she will not take it off again...sigh....


  1. beautiful dresses, they all look so gorgoues

  2. masya allah sister!!! all this dress are very pretty!! i love all of them!!!

  3. salam Mina and Redanna i agree with you that they are really gorgeous,but i am a bit upset from my hubby who didn't like one of them that i just adore (N 2)

  4. I love all of the dresses that Natalie Portman is wearing!! They look soo gorgeous and muslima friendly:)

  5. Mashaallah beautiful i also love the one you love it's gorgeous!!! the dresses natalie what ever are lovely and very islamic especially the wedding dress but i do not like that person since she is a self proclaimed zionist supporter of israel.

  6. portman was representing something else dressing that wedding gown but who knows may be its designer was muslim/-ah. anon thans for that info abt postrman actually i do never care abt her at least i wish she turn to be muslimah and let it be my amin.


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