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November 28, 2008

KUWAITI BEAUTY by eyes of a local fashionista

Khaleejia said: حنان دشتي Hanan Dashti Kuwaiti fashionista and beautician who opened her beauty salon in Kuwait to inspire women and men find their own style with a help of the professional stylist who's creed is that everyone is beautiful just sometimes we need to find where is her/his unique individual beauty that own only this person. She also wrote a book where she reveals secrets of beauty. Kuwaiti beauty..

HD presents...

eid (celebration) collection
these models dressed in traditional style gowns and traditional celeb hair accessories represent the national flag

beautiful photo-design,beautiful gown,perfect make-up,beautiful color combination...and so traditional! i start missing the Romadan mood!

this evening gown is perfect..
this is from "casual" outfit collection that looks just simple....awesome

red...on your party you will be a queen!

next pics mostly about jewlery &accessories.. i love these designs

hope you enjoyed!


  1. salam alaikum, I wish to know how to do my makeup Kuwaiti style but not as much :-) Salam alaikum

  2. w aleikum assalam anon!
    sorry for being late with reply. i wish to make post abt Kuwaiti style more but don't have so much time now
    so just got to this link
    and for sure you ll get some good tips abt Kuwaiti make-up,and if you want to know more,then you should see more work of Kuwaiti make-up artists as Anwar Alnssar(انوار النصر )and hanan dashti(at her local or go to this link directly

    malizea,great thanx for tagging!jazak Allahu kull 5eir!

  3. Salam alaikum oh so nice you replied I can't read Arabic but I got a lot of ideas and pics from the links you gave me. It certainly is about the eyes. I couldn't find a site for Anwar that you mentioned when I searched google. But thanks a lot, salam alaikum wa ramatulah wa barakatu


will appreciate your kind notes :)