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December 3, 2008


Khaleejia said:Elissa,Maryam,Nawal(kuwaiti) answer this question just see their photos:


  1. wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! its really changes. u r gr8 dear.......

  2. Yes, it does, I think because people are used to seeing them with loads of make-up, I actually like the one of elissa without too much make-up, the first picture of hers, looks more natural and no surprises :) sf

  3. I really like arab style make-up but some of those face arts change womens look too much. Sometimes they remind me colourful parrots LOL!
    Honestly i know a lot of guys - mostly my cousins - and they totally agree that makeup is fake and obnoxioues. Not for me. Mascara is the minimum! :P
    But ill tell you a story famous in my family.
    One of my cousins married a woman and he didnt see her without makeup abt a year! She used to look as those woman from the first pages of fishion magazines. Her makup and outfit was very beautiful and very professional everytime.
    He saw her fully natural, plain ;) on the day she had a little accident and she had to go to hospital so she had no time to take care of her face. :P After he recognised her he said 'Oh God i fell in love again!' Since that time she doesnt use make up any more :) She looks much younger and prettier just beautiful. MashAllah.

  4. Fallosa,thank you for your comment and story sharing,that remembered me one freind of mine that i had never seen without make-up until one day i visited her day-off at her house. hehe i did not recognised her at once but i would say i became speechless cos i thought she got sick or smth,but finaly i understood that she just was without her make-up,haha but since that time i believe that woman should care abt herself and be able to look her best but do not need to make ppl believe tht her natural face is-that one with make-up.hmmmmm;)
    abt prrots-we have lots of jokes abt women such women who think they make their faces beautiful by applying tons of make-up but actually they just look rudiculous.but its mentality and society that teach women that she must be beautifull by anyhow and her eyes should be big by anyhow and mostly you will not be judjed if you ll go outside with colorfull eyes-makeup like if u do it in other countries even other arab countries(will say egypt,magreb or sham)
    thanx to all


will appreciate your kind notes :)