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December 4, 2008

KUWAITI designers(part2)-Amal Farsi

Khaleejia said:
i know that these pictures appeared on some other blogs,but my aim is just keep on kuwaity beauty topic as more as i just can. So
Amal Farsi kuweiti designer made this amazing collection of kuwaiti style jalabias for the queen of her home. Her idea based on feminine beauty that she expressed with satin decorated with lace and swarovski crystals. Amal Farsi used the full gamma of colors successfully combining them, the jalabiyas designs themselves are very gorgeous may be that's why they look very festively.


  1. Salam alaikum, beautiful masha Allah I especially like the gray one and the flower one, I wonder how much these cost, salam alaikum

  2. yes very beautiful but I think It's very expensive!!!!

  3. salam girls! abt price i honestly dont know but we can think that their price can be over 1000 dirham as i often visit such shops for home-gowns.but its not higher then 3000.

  4. im waiting for the day my hubby will buy these for me and ill wear it in front of him hehe


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