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December 18, 2008


Khaleejia said: i am happy that so many women around the world are interested in the beautiful feminine,natural,tradition of henna decoration. that is inspire me to write one more post about it. Once reading one local forum, i saw these two photo-shots of a magazine article about henna tradition in the Emirates.
I found them pretty interesting as the idea of the article's author was to make it as clear as he/she just could. the text is very readable in zooming. The next pictures i collected to present you some of the newest designs for hand-decorating, which are the most loved by women in UAE.

These on-plate patterns are showed to the clients of the henna saloons to know which design they would prefer to have for certain time on their hands. But it does not mean that the chosen design will be same at 100%. Usually a henna artist fallows the picture very little only to understand the main features and the rest is her own creativity. p.s. If you understand something in henna drawings,then feel free to ask the artist for exact details you wish to see on your hand painting.

i like this one most

Some designs for legs

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Assalam alaikum habeebti
    Aish achbarich? Inshaallah zein.

    Jazak Allah for the post and the pictures. Long time I've not done henna for myself :( There's some henna paste in the fridge... I might do some soon inshaAllah. Thanks for the pictures, i copied them and will try to draw something similar :)

    1. i like your henna very much

  2. ASel how s going your henna party? ;)

  3. I love henna it is so beautiful but I do not have the patience to sit there and wait for it to dry :(

    I also like the the scent of henna.

  4. Asalam'aleykoum khallejia it's been a while that you have not post something I hope your OK???!!

  5. maryanndipity I love henna smell too!

    malizea thank you habeebti for your concern. I'll post something new soon.

    WISSAL thank you for the comment. Your blog is cool too! I checked it out there are lots of gorgeous evening dresses!

  6. i love this wife is the Experienced HENNA Designer

  7. Hi!I guess your blog was a blessing in disguise for me since for a very long time I's searching for pure emarati designs as I'm born & broughtup in UAE.WOW!Beautiful Designs!Moreover,I can put great henna designs but was looking for emarati designs.And guess what!I found it on your blog and at the right time that is during Eid time!Saved most of the designs on my laptop and will soon try it on!Once again thx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May Allah bless u with all the happiness!

  8. WoW!Beautiful designs!
    Loved all of them!
    Your blog was like a blessing in disguise for me since for a very long time I's searching for emarati designs!And I found it at the right time that is Eid time Approaching soon!
    Will definitely try on the designs!
    Once again thankyou!!!

  9. where do u stay ?do u come at home and apply henna?do u teach?
    all the designs are very nice....masha allah


will appreciate your kind notes :)