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December 6, 2008


some collection of khaliji make up and hairdos :

and tips for eye-brows and nose


  1. Salam alaikum sister, nice masha Allah can you do Kuwairi hair styles and colouring? Is there a certain hair look Kuwaiti girls do? Why did I think this was a Kuwaiti site I donno but ok at least Khleegy please. I need ideas because I want to go to a salon insha Allah. Salam alaikum

  2. w aleikum assalam! i dont know your hair type anyway abt khaleeji look -the first and third pics are exact example of it, i m searching now a likn where u can try on these hair style before you go to salon,abt color-well ,for original its black but also can be colored to chocolate or brown,i wish u luck with this style,i believe u will look awesome!

  3. ok,i remembered , go to
    enter it(better if u ll upload ur own photo) and choose bang's type of up do's there is N6 on the first set,(this link to a pic of this hair style i did 4u)

    u can try other hair styles with bangs also,u can try there make up2,i hope u ll find your own khaleeji style!
    if there ll be more Q,u re welcome

  4. Salam alaikum sister, you are so nice. The pic that you made for me didn't show up it says it's been moved or deleted. I chose bangs type on do you mean the sixth hair style in the bangs section? Does Kuwaiti style mostly have bangs? I like this site thanks. Salam alaikum

  5. salam anon! yeah i meant the sixth hair style in the bang set,i ll check my link,in case u dont like bangs,check out this link u can see in details make-up and hair styles of these 3 kuweity girls

  6. i've just checked the link i gave u before,it works,did u enter all of it starting from http ending jpg?

  7. hey i was u have any VERY SIMPLE and i repeat VERY SIMPLE BASIC make up tips and tutorials for getting the khaleeji eye look? i did look thru ur other posts but trust me i was really lost...till date i havent been able to properly understand the smokey eye look....can u do them again wid simple colors like light pinks, purples and greens?

    and the last thing after the eyebrows on this post..can u translate those on english?

    Jazakallah! Eid mubarak!

  8. Wa alaikum salam khaleejia oh I must have put the link wrong before because it's working now, yeah I thought that's the hair you meant. I tried it on myself with my pic but it didn't look right. I like in the bangs section on the 9th page, hair #3 on me I think. I love the makeup on the first girl in that huge pic of the 3 Kuwaiti girls. Eid Mubarak Salam alaikum

  9. eid mobarak to all!
    habayeb hbbti,i did'n get u. d u want very simple tips or very simple kind of 5liji make-up? smoky eyes? w u meant that i did a couple monthes ago?
    look,today and 2morrow i m busy with guests and so on,i hope its not urgently,but i have smth for u,i could send it to u on ur mail. and smth else,the simplest make-up can be done just with kohl (black powder ) that is applying by a stick (by one move)on the inner line of the eye-lids.thats it.i do it and a lot of other gals. when there is no "mood" for a complete make-up.
    i ll add translation to the pic,i thought the pics are clear to understand the steps,there is only one thing may be should be said is that lines from brown eye shadows should be spread by applying light creme,to smooth the dark color with color of the skin. but anyhow,will edit the post soon inshaAllah.take care for urself and happy eid for u and all your family!
    anon,good luck with a new style!

  10. i liked some of these styles but some of the pictures were kinda scary - too much make up makes these beautiful ladies look like trannies and witches :/ they could have been so much MORE beautiful with less make up

  11. yes subhanaallah beautiful ladies don't need that much make up it make some of them look like drag queens, and i really don't like the tons of white powder reminds me of the mimes in france or as my mum used to say "she look like she fell in the flour!!" as well as some of the blue contact lenses don't like that at all stay natural.... i suppose you have to understand the make up styles of arab women it's so different from the Europeen make up style, i personally love the simple black khol look and arab women are the best are doing it no matter how much i try i can never get that perfect eye liner look.....i just like the traditional style of the khaleejis with their beautiful henna,khol long black hair and dara'a.

  12. salam anon! Anon,agree that traditional look is just perfect hah but not every khaleji lady has strong long black hair,even some those who have they start getting bored from traditional-*everyone is same* look so girls ahead to changes to be uniq and z best but as u know women must cover all her body and hair so what is rest? right, eyes+face,so a loooooot of energy time and even money girls spend to make from eyes something even by such extrim ways like pic.7(bint zeyed work). also its came deep to mentality with literature where poets sing about big beautiful women' eyes like eyes of gazelle.. i got shock when
    in egypt going out for some eid there were some girls who used pink eye-shadows togather with green eye-liner and blue mascara. So better to say-the matter is *has she taste or not.* i think its something woman should pay attention on and learn some useful professional tips to avoid being a clown in public or in the eyes of her husband or friends.

  13. salam alaik..can u give an advice how to apply foundation that look very2 smooth...masya Allah jamilah jiddan3x... erny min bilad brunei

  14. w aleiki salam erni,
    ashkurach for ur comment. so i can tell u how to apply foundation by professional way.
    1-u mast clean (facial cleaner&tonic) and then nurish/moisture ur face (moisturing cream that aftr applying put a dry clean paper napkin that will remove rest of the crem as skin already took as much as it need.
    2.apply foundation all over the face,color-close tone to ur face. then use concilier (ligter tone around the eye area and close to the fondation tone to cover small areas like coner around nose and any dark dots on the face. after u finish smoothing your face color ..
    3 apply very little powder over foundation ,it just need to make ur face matte.
    and dont forget before u apply eyes make up to powder more under your eys in order to prevent cheeks get dirty with shadows as u already applied foundation.powder will let u easily remove fallen shadows with a piece of cotton and slight movements.
    good luck

  15. Oh dear... that is waaayyyy too much make-up..
    my husband thought they are drag queens-seriously.
    A woman should wear that much make-up only if she wants to scare a man away lol:D
    Seriously-simplicity is best. You know what they say-less is more. Natural tones and maybe some eye-liner make a woman look beautiful, but too much colors and make-up make her look like a weird plastic doll.
    Trust me, im a master in this stuff:D
    ps. arab girls are among most beautiful ones in the whole world, you really don't need to put anything to your face-its pretty even when u wake up in the morning (i assume) :)
    we bosnians on the other hand are those who need to spend some time infront mirror before we let our man see us hehe:D

  16. Hi, I'm new to this website and I've heard a lot about Khaleeji makeup so I had to check it out. I am curious though and I do not mean to offend anyone by my comment(s), so I do apologize ahead of time. But do women really wear "this much" makeup? I mean this is a A LOT of are these looks reserved for like weddings and other such occasions?

  17. Hello people
    I have friends who buys their contact lenses from Kuwait and they look soooo can't even tell if they are wearing one.
    Does any one know if I can get them online from Kuwait.
    I live in the uk


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