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December 3, 2008


Khaleejia said: got tired from pink,black,brown eye-shadows well try this yellow to red and be special on your party.

1strike out the eye-brow line with a snow color shadow
apply yellow shadow over the eye lid and inner corner
add orange shadow out&above yellow and outer corner
spread it to the eye-brow smoothing the edges
add bold red line of shadow in the middle of upper eye-lid starting from outer corner of the eye

spread it carefully over orange shadow
draw a black line making wider at the end(start from the inner corner)
draw a line under the eye
draw a black angel
and spread it too

apply a little bit red shadow over black
apply black shadow under the outer eye corner
brush & color the eye-brow and your lashes with mascara
another pic of this make-up look

if you have some sunny color accessories they will very suit your new look
this time i'm keen on gold,red,and for sure black colors.



  1. i loooove your posts. you are so creative with how you demonstrate makeup and wearing the khaleeji hijab. i love it!

    hiba :-D

  2. salam sister, im romanian muslim . I like very much ur blog . kiss

  3. thanx girls for your kind comments! Hope that i am not too boring with my blog and wish to be sometimes useful

  4. Dear! i am in love with ur blog! the orange yellow make up is amazing! plz do post in more tutorials!

  5. Hi Funkieprincess, thanx and chek out the newest post on khaleeji makeup tutorial

  6. hello ,pls reply me back if you do teach and if you are based in Dubai,by the way love your work .Thank you


will appreciate your kind notes :)